Are you head over heels in love and want to impress your girl? Have you done everything you could to make your beloved melt with pleasure? To help you stay on top, we offer more romantic ideas to surprise your girlfriend and fill her heart with happiness.  

Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Girlfriend outside the house

The only thing that can spoil your surprise is bad weather. However, you can cope with this problem organizing the most romantic walk under the rain and then, go into a nice café where a waiter (with whom you have talked beforehand) will bring the girl’s favorite dessert and a flower for her. What else can you think of?

If SHE is keen on theatre, or has a dream to visit some performance, taking her there is one of the most romantic ideas to surprise your girlfriend. Even if you do not like it, any woman will appreciate your sacrifice and accompanying her.

Another way to do something unusual is organize a city quest for your girl. The preparation will be time consuming; however, the result will be amazing. You will have to think over the route and the places where you will hide the messages telling how to get to the prize you have prepared. Trying to find it, both you and your girlfriend will definitely have the time of your life.

To totally stun your girlfriend, you could organize a ride on a hot air balloon. You could hide a bouquet of flowers and a small present in the basket. Such a trick will be especially a good way to make a proposal, after which the girl will surely say “yes”.

Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Girlfriend inside the house

The idea is to make something very unusual. Something that the girl would never expect you to do.

For example, you never cook. The only thing that attracts you in the kitchen is the fridge, which contains drinks and something to eat. Can you imagine, how surprised your girlfriend will be if you cook something yourself? Of course, you could ask your mom for help, if you want to prepare a delicious dish. Still, it is more important that you have done it yourself.

Another way to surprise your girlfriend is to prepare a bath with rose petals and then give the girl a relaxation massage. Or, if you are bold enough, you could dance an erotic dance for her and with her. It does not matter how well you can move, the idea is to surprise your beloved, which will definitely happen if you follow our advice.

One of the best romantic ideas to surprise your girlfriend is to make her a compliment in an unusual way. For that, you can write a poem, a short story or make up a song, if you can. To recite your piece of writing, set up a romantic atmosphere, light the candles, turn on romantic music and let your beloved imagine that she is in a fairy-tale.   

Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Girlfriend made by yourself

In my opinion, the best way to surprise your girlfriend is to make something by yourself. For example, you could print the photos showing your happiest moments spent together and put them around the house. It is not necessary to make the girl find all of them immediately, it will be even better if she finds some of them later and remembers the good times you had.   

The next handmade surprise will be good if your beloved is a sweet tooth. To surprise her, you could prepare a special sweet vase, which will be filled with the girl’s favorite sweets whose wrappers will have some nice words addressed to her on them. Put the vase in the place, where your beloved will see it, when she comes home. And when she sees it, she will be pleasantly surprised and happy.

Finally, remember that you must make surprises for your girl, but do not do this every day, or they will lose their sense. Trying to choose how to surprise your girlfriend, do not think of being the best, turn on your heart and creativity, which will help you express your true feelings.