Yesterday after the long working day in the office I have decided to shop online. I went to several web-sites and ended up at Victoria Secret because I love buying yoga clothes there. After looking at several tall beautiful ladies wearing the yoga pants that I wanted I have googled several International Dating sites. Here they were beautiful ladies not older than 25 year old. Some of them could be compared to Victoria Secret Angels, but of course it is hard to tell for sure because there are so many programs like Photoshop nowadays that it is not easy to trust the photos online. To look through the photos of the ladies at that dating site I had to register there. They have asked for my email and name. It took me less than 10 minutes to register Will Smith as the member there. After that I have spent about 30 minutes looking at beautiful smiles, long athletics legs, blue eyes and short skirts.

I am not a huge fan of Victoria Secret Angels though I order the products online from time to time but I felt curious to find out more about these ladies: how old are they, are they single, married, and whom do they date.

One of my clients when we have just started to work with him told me that he knew there were thousands of sexy 22 years old models in Ukraine and he wanted the one who “plays the piano, is not interested in clothes, brands and material things and would love him with all her heart”. My client was 45 at that moment. He worked as an accounting manager at the big company in US, owned a two-bedroom apartment and has never worked out in his life. He worked long hours in the office, ate fast-food, spent evenings on-line and of course all this has influenced his looks not in the best way. When I have asked him to send me several pictures of the ladies he found attractive he sent me several beautiful models from International Dating Sites whose photos could easily compete with the photos of Victoria Secret Angels.

Anyway, let’s return to my small research. The first Angel whom I have googled was Candice Swanepoel. Beautiful sexy tall 27 years old blond is engaged with another professional model. I have googled him and he is a handsome successful young man. After looking at his photos you get the feeling that he lives in the gym.

Then I have googled another Angel – Behati Prinsloo. Do you know whom she is married to? She is married to Adam Levine, the sexy 37 years old singer with beautiful torso from Maroon 5. By the way he used to date another model – Russian model Anne Vyalitsyna. Anne was not single for too long after Adam. She is now in relationship with the vice president of Yahoo Adam Cahan. They have a daughter now. Perhaps Anne just likes the name Adam so much?!

Maybe right now you can tell me “but these are supermodels and how about hot young Ukrainian ladies”?  Well, at we have models and even beauty queens in our base. I have interviewed one professional Ukrainian model at the airport in Kiev when she was flying from Moscow to Milan and had a 2 hours break. We have agreed our schedules and met at the airport for the interview. My male client ended up marrying another beautiful lady I have introduced him to. She was also a model and now a photographer and happy mother of twins. Her husband – my ex-client is a successful surgeon who jogs every morning and plays tennis every weekend.

Three weeks ago another male client of mine who by the way used to be a male model and now runs a successful business and is obsessed with surfing and healthy food had dates with the younger ladies who have the model looks and is communicating with two of them now.

At as a professional matchmaker I work with different ladies: models, teachers, doctors, designers, realtors, university professors and even sommeliers. And these ladies have their own vision about the future partner. For some of them his education would be vital, for other his idea about the family and children, for some his income or desire to have a dog, and for most of them his looks will be important.

Of course some of you perhaps have heard a story about Alexandra Nikolaenko whose husband is 81 years old now and she is 35 years old. She is a Ukrainian beauty queen and her husband has 2.8 billion dollars capital. They are married since 2008 and have a son.

Well, let’s face it millionaires and powerful men do have a weakness to sexy young women. It is not a crime to attract them with the power of money and their achievements, is it?

As a professional international matchmaker who actually works “in the fields” and personally interviews and knows Ukrainian ladies – potential matches for my clients – I can tell you that in 10 years never have I seen a Ukrainian girl who would enter my office with the words “I am 22 years old, never married, have no kids, speak English and have a university degree and I dream to date a 50 years old driver from Texas and I will love his children as my own even though they are my age, and yes – I hate fashion even though I look like a bikini model. And I feel so attracted to men with bellies and no hair on the head”. If such a lady would appear in my office I would really doubt her reasons.  Why is she so desperate? Would this desperate girl be really good to my client?

It is true that in Ukraine you can date a younger lady but it is a total myth that all Ukrainian ladies want to date an older gentleman. While searching for one on your own you risk to become desperate yourself.

When I am searching for a bathing suit and yoga pants at Victoria Secret web-site I realize that the models have different body type, skin color and height than I do. I realize that I am looking for a bathing suit that will highlight my strengths and will hide my weaknesses. When you are looking for a younger woman with a model looks think carefully why will she choose you and will her intentions be honest. I personally know several professional local models that “rent” their photos to different dating sites to attract clients. Of course they are paid for this.

When you start dating be sincere with yourself. Always keep in mind that it is not only your choice whom to date but it is also always the choice of the lady. Of course if you have the body of Adam Levine or the money of Alexandra’s husband you can face another issue “Is she with me because of my body only or does it has something to do with my money”?

Choose carefully! After all “Where you invest your love, you invest your life”.

From Svetlana Mukha with love)