Dating a single mom

So, you fancied a lady but there is one “but”: she has a child. What to do? To give up on everything and try to build a relationship or just cut it off at once? You should not rush and jump to conclusions. Dating a woman with a kid has good advantages and I am going to explain which ones.

She had a serious affair

Such a girl knows the way with men. She is initially ready to face the difficulties of family life, the ways of overcoming them, finding compromises, and can even accept your faults. At the same time, the girl also knows a lot about simple human happiness. So, if you date a single mother, prepare to be met with a delicious dinner, have picnics on weekends, and be praised for achievements. Such a scenario is good news, isn’t it?

She already has a baby

No matter how pretentious it may sound, she knows what it is like to be a mother and has already passed pregnancy, childbirth, the first difficult months of the baby’s life. In addition, she accepts responsibility for the life of a small person, therefore, she takes the birth of the next infant seriously. Having learned the experience of motherhood such a girl does not “demand” children from you here and now, which gives you time to mature to fatherhood.

Experience the joys of fatherhood

Yes, this foolish boy or a little girl will always be with their mommy, and no one asks you to immediately treat them like yours. But you can find the way with them. And, if this works out, she could understand you are opened to a serious connection. In addition, next to the little one there is a mother who has already gone through all the important stages of life and knows what to do if they suddenly have a sore throat or a fever. You’ll be shown and explained everything. If it were your firstborn, everything would be different, and you would have to overcome all the difficulties together through trial and error. Still, when dating a single mom, you can experience the joys of fatherhood without any special drawbacks.

She is a strong personality

Bringing up a child alone is not a joke. After all, she is a mother, a father, a breadwinner, a nanny, and a friend… Such a lady is strong psychologically and has a good nervous system, hardened by sleepless nights, colic, the appearance of the first teeth … She can cope with all the difficulties herself. Mom won’t go to clubs and restaurants, because she is no longer interested in this and chooses to spend time with loved ones. And that means you will be calmer. She is an open book and you can immediately draw conclusions about your possible common future as the way she treats her son or daughter says a lot. You just have to observe.

She is not obsessed with marriage.

When you go on a date with a single mom remember she is most likely to have been married and knows a perfect union is very rare. Therefore, she won’t rush you with making a marriage proposal. Neither she will rush to become a bride and can do without a registry office.

How to date a woman with a kid?

If you have decided to make such a step, here are some rules of dating a single mom you should follow.

  1. Try to state your intentions in the early stages of a relationship despite your possible belief it is not entirely appropriate.
  2. Don’t try to be a knight on a white horse. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to help and support the person you love. This is a positive intention. Just do not bring it to the point where YOU begin to suffer.
  3. Know your place and do not expect you could suddenly become her number one priority. Remember she has suffered mental and physical pain, and also faces new challenges every day to do whatever it takes to make the baby happy. Don’t complain she doesn’t spend enough time with you or is often tired after work. Better support the GF if she needs you.
  4. Don’t delay meeting her son or daughter or they might have certain expectations you may not be able to meet. By the way, to find the right approach, look at how the lady treats them, analyze the girl’s manners and methods of parenting.
  5. Remember you make a big impact on her offspring. Therefore, you need to monitor your actions and words so that they do not have a negative impact. In addition, your relationship with your girlfriend is also a role model, which the child will look at and construct their own concepts of behavior.

The last of our tips for dating a single mom sounds as follows: before starting such a connection decide if you are ready to take responsibility both for your chosen one and her kid and become a good husband and father. Remember, she already has the closest people nearby, which means she is not alone. And it is she, who takes you into the family, and not vice versa.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.