Every international relationship is a fascinating experience. To be in relationships with a person who was raised with a worldview different from yours challenges your thinking and will never make you bored. Here come so obvious advantages like opportunity to learn new culture, language, cuisine. There is so much to explore in your beloved. Running a few steps forward, children from cross cultural marriages have special bilingual background and very often better genetics, are much more open for new experience, have broader worldview and as a result usually are more successful in life. All advantages of international relationships are common for people from all countries. But one should be ready for complications that may arise. Diolli team has collected most common difficulties brought by cultural differences that you may encounter when dating a Ukrainian lady and tips how to smooth them. Forewarned is forearmed.

1.Once you have met a Ukrainian lady and started close communication with her, be ready she will come off serious. East-European mentality is really not very open for people they hardly know and people here can seem too sad or reserved. But the bright side of it for you is that if and when you manage to break the ice – you will get a very loyal and interesting friend. The reason is that the majority of Ukrainian ladies tend to avoid spending their energy and attention to people they hardly know, because they prefer to save it only for decent people who deserve it so she first wants to know if you are the right man.

Tip: Don’t take her closed nature too personal. Be patient and she will open her heart to you when she feels how sincere you are.

2. First point results in the second difficulty. The practice shows that American, European and Asian men sometimes can lack persistence and initiative. The majority of women want to follow a man, not to lead. It is her nature… even if she may think or show the contrary. In relationships she will feel “behind her man” the most comfortable. It is brightly reflected in Russian/Ukrainian language: people say that a man marries, but for woman it is a different word – “to go behind her husband”, if to translate literally.

Tip: Do not let the things go in relationships with a Ukrainian lady and take everything in your hands: show your real interest, ask her how her day was every one or two days. It will show her your concern and care for her better than any words of love. And if you want to conquer her heart for sure, it is better to memorize some details from her life, from what she says about her life or plans and then ask her later about it: “Oh and how was your visit to your grandmother? I hope everything is ok with her?” She will be pleasantly surprised with it, even if she won’t tell it. (And most likely she won’t tell it, read point 1.

3. Cultural differences in courting, of course, can cause confusions, too. As the practice shows, often men don’t know the main holidays when it is common to give presents or flowers to women.

Tip#1: On the one hand, she will not wait a present from you on the 25th of December, but you will have chances to disappoint her failing to bring her flowers on the occasion of 8th of March. While in the whole world it is the day of the women’s right, and women in some countries can get offended by the congratulation on it, here it is just the day of women, probably the first day of the year when the queues to the flower shops are the longest.  

Tip#2: But don’t bring her yellow flowers. As the superstition goes, they symbolize separation in Ukrainian culture.  

4.Don’t let the meaning of 8th of March for Ukrainian women confuse you. You will hardly meet a woman obsessed with her woman’s rights being equal to men’s.

Tip: She may understand and know cultural differences between your countries, but still offering her pay part of the check can bring her second thoughts if you are trying to save on her. Chances that she will think you show her respect with this gesture are small. What is more, women would appreciate traditional courting: opening the door for her, holding the coat when she is putting it on or off, kissing her hand when you meet her, and all in all being a gentleman.

Misunderstandings caused by culture differences can easily occur in your relationships with a Ukrainian lady, like in all other cross cultural relationships, but don’t let it puzzle you. The experience shows that you can avoid them, taking into account that she is might be very curious about you, even if she doesn’t show it. Be persistent, be a gentleman, remember to congratulate her on Ukrainian holidays, and show real care. That is the receipt of you success with a Ukrainian lady. And, believe us, it is worth it.