Nowadays men can face a situation where a woman makes more money which they consider to be a problem for their family life, but is it really so?

We are victims of stereotypes. Let’s call to mind the so called “American dream”. Society was made to believe through the commercials that the picture of a perfect family should look like a man as a breadwinner with a loyal housewife by his side. Situation has drastically changed as most women can get higher education, become a certified specialist and even hold the same positions as men. So recently it’s not very rare any more when a woman makes more money than a man. However it’s still may be confusing. Such position of a man can make you feel small, you’ll become irritated at yourself and your wife. You can even feel like losing your authority as a father of the family.

As a consequence of imposed opinion, men should be a breadwinners from the women’s side of view. If woman makes more money, it won’t be a problem at the beginning of the relationship. Such obstacles appear when the routine of family life starts. It’ll become difficult for a woman to respect her men and admire him. She can ask you such questions as “Why do you earn less money? What’s wrong with you?”. If you invest less money in family budget, your investment will lose its weight soon. Nowadays money got an image of power, that’s why you may seem more weak. To let woman feel like a real woman you should prove your ability to make a living for your family to her.

Take some time to observe several tips that may help you to keep your family well-being

1) Find a new source of income

If you are irritated about this situation where your woman makes more money than you, maybe you should try up a new career, search for another source of income. The most difficult kind of situation will be if you have lost your job and can’t find a new one for a long time period. Don’t let it get you down, don’t give up. Get over yourself and try some kind of a side job.

2) Do not keep everything inside

Don’t be silent about your discomfort and talk to your partner what’s wrong. Try come to decisions together. If this situation where she earns more money makes you feel really bad, you can ask your partner to change her job position. However, if the money is needed than you should think about the terrible position you’ll put your wife in. For example, you need to pay off loan, pay for parents’ treatment or children’s education. Such situations exclude the ability of a woman to quit her job.

3) Look at the problem from her point of view

It may feel as much unpleasant for a woman to make more money as for you. Look at the problem from her side. Some of women who make more money may consider it as a heavy burden. It’s even more difficult for her when she needs to do all the housework after her long day at work. Try to treat your wife’s over-employment with understanding, support her.

4) Be supportive

If the fact that she is more successful is a real problem for you, maybe your relationships are lack of reciprocity. The amount of income is not so important. The more important thing is that both partners makes their investment in their family life. If she makes more money, you should provide her emotional support and do housework. It’s not necessary for your investment to be financial. Experts has an opinion that it’s not important which side makes more money but it’s really important for another partner to provide a support.

The main cause of all the worry that woman makes more money is a gender stereotype. It took root in our society through the propaganda which is profitable for different entrepreneurs. Sometimes man can be soft and compliant while woman is strong and stubborn. We should accept easily changes in gender roles. Do not let these stereotypes and financial differences become an obstacle to your happy family life.