A famous saying goes: when it comes to love, it’s never too late. So, it does not matter if you are 20 or 40 and haven’t found your ONE yet, you will definitely be looking for her. However, when you meet a girl that you like, you will have to make some efforts to either make sure that she is your better half, or make the girl understand that you are made for each other. Do you want to know how to do it?

Then look through our dating advice, which will surely help you

Dating advice for men #1. Be self-confident. Try to throw your nervousness aside. If the woman you have asked to date agreed, she is interested in you. Never think you are not handsome, successful or good enough for HER. Being self-confident attracts other people like a magnet.

Dating advice for men #2. Pay attention to your appearance. It is said that clothes make a man, but very often men forget about that. We often hear men complain that they have been blown off because they do not look fit, have low salary, do not have their own flat or car… Guys, seriously? To tell you the truth, the reason for the refusal can be quite different. Very often “unlucky” Casanovas come to the date wearing rumpled clothes and dirty shoes, while women dress up as if they are going to the ball. Even in the fairy-tale, the beauty and the beast became a couple after the beast had turned into a prince. Still, we do not advise you to be a prince, it is enough to wear neat closes and your woman will appreciate it.

Dating advice for men #3. There is no steam without fire as well as there is note date without flowers. Going on a date do not forget to buy at least a small bouquet of flowers for your lady. Three tulips or even one rose will be enough. The idea is to show the girl that you care about her and even the smallest piece of attention in the form of a flower will be a good start of your date.

Dating advice for men #4.  There can be a lot of discussions on where to spend a date. We have already given you some ideas in our previous articles and said that the place of the date can change several times even during a single date. However, probably the most popular, convenient and safe one is a café or a restaurant. Moreover, depending on the tastes of your woman, you can choose any type of a place to eat and spend a romantic date, since nowadays cities offer a wide variety of cafes and restaurants.

Dating advice for men #5. A man always pays. In Ukraine it is an absolute rule. Ukrainian women are taught since childhood that they have to be wives, who stay at home and look after children, while men work and provide for the family. So, if you ask a Ukrainian girl to dinner, be ready to pay for her, even if she is wealthy enough to pay herself.

 Dating advice for men #6. Do not forget about compliments. However, do not praise the woman’s looks only. While talking to her, say that you like her wit, or that she is funny. Say that you respect her choice of career or hobby.

Dating advice for men #7. Do not boast and praise yourself all the time, or the girl may have a negative impression of you. Do not emphasize your positive sides and successes all the time. Let your lady make her own opinion about you from what she will see at the date.

Dating advice for men #8. Do not complain. It is a well-known fact that women do not like both blowhards and whipping boys. Do not tell your lady about your problems or illnesses. It is better to discuss something light like weather, vacation, hobbies or travelling.

Dating advice for men #9. Do not talk about politics, religion or national issues, especially if it is your first date. Not knowing that your girl has some views which might differ from yours, you can hurt her and no apologizing will help.

 Dating advice for men #10. Be friendly and unobtrusive. Do not start pushing on your woman asking for the next date, or whether she will call you or not. Remember that we all are free in our choice. A good idea is to ask the girl if she does not mind your calling her. Believe me, she will not mind and you will have a chance to ask her out again.