Dating Advice for Shy Singles

Not every representative of the stronger sex gets to know a woman easily. It only seems to girls themselves that guys are brave and always take the initiative into their own hands. Sometimes the situation is exactly the opposite.

Let me tell you something: many ladies appreciate men who are not particularly courageous in this regard. In their opinion, shyness guarantees their beloved will not look back at every “beauty queen”.

How to overcome shyness and meet the lady you like? This article contains advice to single and shy fellows on the matter.

Use your body language

Even if you don’t feel confident, but want to do your best to look as if you are not afraid of anything, look into the eyes of the person you like. Eye contact will tell about your intentions better than words. Do not forget to smile – lightly and kindly, so that the girl does not doubt you do not want to harm her. It is possible she might speak to you herself.

Pay attention to your gait and posture. A person who deliberately slouches their shoulders and takes hesitant steps, as if declaring he is shy or even afraid. Straighten your back!

Practice on strangers

Among numerous dating tips for shy men, there is advice saying one of the best ways to prepare for making contact with women is to greet bystanders throughout the day. You don’t have to say hello to everyone. Just pick two or three people and wish them good morning or afternoon.

After you start to feel comfortable welcoming random people, pick one girl to start a short conversation with. Walk up to the one who, in your opinion, is in no hurry, and ask her a simple question, such as how to get to some place.

Choose suitable places to meet

The best dating sites for shy people also advise you to go to a club, bar, or other similar establishments, (of course after using their services), then you could have more chances to meet a woman. The fair sex themselves drop in there to meet a man. They also look forward to meeting their possible love-partner while relaxing in hotels and on beaches, in gyms, at concerts and parties: don’t forget about it.

Learn to determine whether a woman is interested or not

You have more chances of success if you learn to understand whether the girl is interested in you or not. (It is one of the most thoughtful dating ideas for introverts.) To do this, you need to pay attention to her reaction at the moment when you greet her.

If she smiles and greets you warmly in return, feel free to start a conversation. You won’t be turned down, so the main thing is to make the conversation go in the right direction. If you manage to reveal a topic interesting to both of you, then try to find out if the woman is in a relationship so as not to cherish vain hopes.

Choose your questions carefully

A woman who is interested in you can be asked a few personal questions, but be careful not to scare the lady off. Dating for shy guys is quite a nervous thing, so not to do anything stupid, avoid asking about past relationships, goals of communication with the opposite sex, and anything not usually asked about.

You can find out all this when you become closer. But in the first minutes of acquaintance, such questions have an effect opposite to your goals. It is better to ask about hobbies, interests, music preferences, occupation. If you agree on any of these topics, making contact is easier.

Prepare for the conversation in advance

If something like dating sites for socially awkward guys existed, they would definitely offer to prepare before an important meeting. On the one hand, starting a conversation like you’ve been rehearsing in front of a mirror is not a good idea. But, on the other hand, it’s still worth preparing. Reflect on the questions you might ask a lady when you first meet. In such a way you can minimize all risks.

It is also recommended to work on your appearance. Girls don’t like scruffy men. Tidy up your clothes, visit a hairdresser. Do not forget the clothes should be chosen according to the place where you are planning your meeting.

Control your emotions

This dating advice for shy singles is from the category of the most difficult ones. You will have to spend a few minutes every day to pull yourself together so as not to get confused at the wrong moment.

Experts advise doing what you love. So, if you like sports, fishing, or hiking, take some moments of relaxation to get your nervous system in order. Every normal person should be able to throw off negativity, like old clothes. Filling up with pleasant emotions leads to complete relaxation.

Be financially responsible

Girls do not like stingy fellows, which is a well-known fact. Even those who prefer financial independence won’t appreciate your offer to share the restaurant bill. Therefore, the next of our dating tips for shy people is to plan your budget to have enough funds for a date. So, if you are not one of the moneybags, do not invite a woman to an expensive establishment just to surprise her.

Forget your negative experiences

Another important tip too shy for online dating or an offline rendezvous might use is not to think about negative experiences. Otherwise, you can’t free yourself from negative emotions. Never compare the woman you are just going to meet with the one you have spoken to once. By doing so, you can only harm yourself.

Use shyness to your advantage

As it has been said before, many women like calm men. Excessive confidence often makes them want to hide from the impudent person. Try to moderate your confidence.

Following our advice, you have good chances to overcome shyness. Work on yourself, and soon, your self-esteem will begin growing, and you’ll be able to find a suitable life partner.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.