Nowadays is time of new technologies, long working days, computer games, headphones and spending most of the time online than in real life. We no longer notice people we are surrounded of, we stop to pay attention to people`s smiles. And the main thing is we stop to meet people.

Because of all these reasons dating customer service has been growing really fast. More and more people become the clients of it. There are two types of dating services: one of it is a marriage agency who deliver matchmaking process and meet people for a purpose of marriage usually and the second one is a dating agency where most of the time you spend chatting online.

Let`s discuss what kind of service dating sites and marriage agencies can offer and service of what company would be better to choose exactly in your case.   

Marriage agency “For sure”             

Dating agency «Not sure»

Real people

Marriage agencies arrange meetings with “real people” in “real life” usually for purpose of marriage or for serious relationship. There you will find women who are serious oriented for long-term relationships, women who know exactly what they want and who is ready to build a family.

Usually clients of marriage agencies are women who appreciate family values and believe in love.

Never know who you are chatting with

   Being a client of a dating site there`s the possibility to chat with a     beautiful and young lady for a really long time and in the end find     out  that all that time you were communicating with a male-student,   who has just decided to earn a little bit of money. You have no idea   who you communicate with and who you open your heart to.

 It would be pity if you just waste your time for a person who doesn`t   look like on her profile picture or what is even worse has even other   gender.

Real meetings

Professional matchmakers love to say that it`s better one time to meet a lady than one year to have correspondence with. When you meet lady in real you might feel some emotions, you can caught her eyes and might have chemistry. At least you will know right away if you could be with this lady or not.   

Online chatting

    Unfortunately letters can`t give you that feelings as you can have        while meeting a lady. There is no possibility to hold hands or        cuddling, you can`t smell her perfume…  


One of advantages of being a client of a marriage agency is confidentiality. Profiles of clients are confidential information. Nobody will ever know that you are a client of a marriage agency because your profile and your information is only for the professional  stuff of a marriage agency.

Public display

On a dating site your profile is public. Your ex-girlfriend or your colleagues from work might see it.

Time is priceless

You don`t spend your time on searching dating sites, chatting online after a long working day or visiting bars in hope to meet the love of your life. For all of these you need time and energy. If you are a client of a marriage agency in that case professional team with a psychologist will choose a potential lady for you according to your personality and your requirements.     

Time flies

You spend your time on chatting with “online ladies” and you can`t be sure about the look of the lady or if the information from her profile is truthful.

It will be pity to fall in love with a person who is not really who she is in real life.

Efficiency 85%

If you cooperate with a professional matchmaker you can be sure that your evenings will no longer be lonely really soon.

Efficiency 15%

Only a very lucky man can meet the love of his life among a huge amount of fake profiles on a dating site. Unfortunately, percent of successfully matching couples is so low.    

Support of a dating coach

As a client of matchmaking agency you will cooperate with a dating coach, who will support you and give you practical advice during the whole way of matchmaking process.  

Just you

Nobody will guide you or give you useful tips and tricks. Nobody will tell you when is the right time to say compliments to a lady or how to arrange the most romantic date in her life. You can count only on yourself.


  • real interesting people
  • bright dates
  • unforgettable emotions
  • and as consequence love, marriage and beautiful lady next to you.


chatting has been continuing.

Choice is always yours!