Dating checklist

It might seem difficult and you may wonder: how to start dating someone?

Before you start searching, I will give you advice to think about the following things what to look for when dating:

  1. Think about your preferences in a romantic partner, not only what eyes or hair color you are attracted to, height and waist size. Think about more personal qualities that you appreciate, define what you exactly need from relationship. Give yourself some guidelines.
  2. Take care of yourself first before looking for someone. Be physically attractive, you should like your reflection in the mirror, always clean and fresh.
  3. Be sociable. Have a circle of friends, it is an environment where you can meet your soulmate. Learn how to establish friendly connections, it is important for romantic relationship too.
  4. Learn an art of flirting, it is essential. Girls love light teasing, it breaks the formal communication bringing it to the next level.

When you first start dating someone, it might cause anxiety and fear. It is always not an easy task to open up to a person you don`t know yet. But if you don`t try, you never find out how it feels. If you are too nervous and you are going on a first date soon, write down a checklist in order to concentrate on important things and not to miss out anything. How to make a checklist?

Look through dating checklist for men we have prepared and add some personal details in case we missed something:

  1. Choose the time and place. You should know where you are going to take the lady and at what time. Book a table beforehand. You must also think of plan B in case something goes wrong (for example your favorite cafe is closed when you come). If you do that, you will feel comfortable. Remember, that you must also come at least 15 minutes earlier before the arranged time, since it will not be good if you are late. This will not add you any points in her eyes.
  2. Take care of your appearance. Ladies like to see clean and well-dressed men. Appearance makes a very big impression. You should prepare your outfit and wear some nice perfume. A pleasant scent is tremendously important. The main thing is to correspond to the girl’s appearance. Usually ladies prepare for the date much more, they buy a new elegant dress, some nice matching earrings, high-heeled shoes, sometimes a bag, have their nails and hair done, as well as make up.
  3. Make up the algorithm of your first date. Think over every stage: First I am meeting Ann in the Central Park. Then we go to the Central Square, and after that we have dinner in the restaurant of that famous hotel. Remember that she must feel your self-confidence. So, if you don’t know exactly where to go, because you have not thought over the route of your date, you will be tense and the girl will feel the same instead of being relaxed and having a good time with you.
  4. Have all the needed resources like time, money, a car or a taxi, etc. What if you two get so excited that you want to go to your place? Before going on a date clear up the mess, so that your new girl would not faint at the sight of dirty socks all around your flat. You must also have money for the taxi and to pay the bill in the restaurant.
  5. Speak the language of her interests. What are her hobbies? Does she do any sport? If you want to impress girl, read something about her favorite activities.

Having such a detailed dating checklist for you guys in hand, get the most of it try to be yourself, do not be nervous, relax and enjoy the evening with an amazing girl, who has managed to catch your attention.

This dating checklist can be modified depending on the situation. Even though you want to impress a woman, don`t overdo. Take it slowly. The rush of love is hard to overcome, but be patient and get to know each other naturally. Be ready to commit, if you choose a partner to start a relationship.

Here is a checklist for healthy relationship:

  1. It is developed in a normal speed, coming from honeymoon period to living together, then to getting married. It takes some time, it cannot happen in 3 days.
  2. There is no need to question your partner`s intentions. They are as clear as yours. She won`t test your loyalty, because you are transparent in your actions.
  3. You don`t hide anything from each other. You feel free to share any worries and secrets.
  4. Even though you have common hobbies, you still have your own space and respect each other`s interests. Having independence is a healthy sign.
  5. You support your partner.
  6. You don`t want to dominate, you are equal in relationship.
  7. You are emphatic to her feelings. Kindness is mutual.
  8. You avoid blaming each other for some misfortunes, you take responsibility for you own actions.
  9. When you have miscommunication, you don`t hold a grudge to yourself, you have a constructive debate and have a solution.
  10. It is not an obligation to spend more time together, you do it because you both are willing to.