Dating in Ukraine

The first thing first – saying “dating in the Ukraine” is NOT correct. Why do people still google it this way? The correct way is “dating in Ukraine”. Locals don’t like this mistake. So, please, stop doing it. Now after we have discussed it, let’s talk about Ukrainian ladies and our company. is a boutique matchmaking service founded in 2008 that specializes in introducing serious romantic singles from different cultures. We are proud to be licensed by the Matchmaking Institute in New-York.

Let’s return to the main question.

What are modern Ukrainian women really like? Let’s point out all the truth and myths.

1. They are beautiful – and this is so true. In our country women definitely take pride in their appearance and invest lots of time and energy into their looks. This doesn’t mean though that they spend lots of time in front of the mirror, but here you can hardly ever see a woman dressed in her pajamas heading out to have breakfast. We really take it a little bit too extreme here when it comes to the way females dress. There must be something in the air, something magical and it makes local ladies look so good. In the Russian language, there is a popular joke that cars produced in Eastern Europe are so bad because local girls are so hot, and it would be totally unfair for local men to have it all – good cars and beautiful females.

2. All Ukrainian girls dream about marriage. Family values, attitudes to gender roles, and understanding about marriage are very traditional here and it is not a secret most women want a relationship with men who are ready to tie the knot. Yet, you have to consider different age groups and attitudes of their representatives to the relationship. So, if you believe girls in the age groups 18-23 are ready and willing to get married – then you will face a huge disappointment. Girls from this age group are usually still in college or universities and they are not looking for marriage yet. Those who do not study in universities usually still live in small towns and villages and choose boys they went to school with (who by the way are their age) and do not consider ever leaving their small towns.

3. Let’s break down a popular myth – Ukrainian ladies do not consider local men for marriage and desperately dream about foreign men. This stereotype has created lots of male’s broken dreams and fractured egos. Many foreigners believe the only thing they have to do is travel to Eastern Europe and then choose any Ukrainian woman with the look of Victoria Secret Angel and there is no need to court her and to take actions to win her heart over. She will unconditionally fall in love with him just because he is a foreigner. This is so far from reality! This myth is wildly spread by marketers of a pay-per letter dating sites, speed dating events in Ukraine. In fact, the majority of Ukrainian women do want to get married, but they want local men who represent the same culture by their side. The percentage of ladies who are open-minded and curious enough to consider international dating for all the right reasons is rather low. At we invest lots of time and effort to recruit only those ladies who are definitely ready to date a foreign gentleman.

4. All Eastern European girls are registered in marriage agencies. Such a myth! The percentage of local females that have ever heard or considered to register in one – is very small. At we host numerous events, run blogs and vlogs, publish books, host seminars together with a cupid – psychologist to educate about international dating, and to recruit the best singles into our private database. The word of mouth is huge for us too. We are so proud that the current and ex-clients trust us enough to refer us to their friends and family. Many females do not want to put their photos online for everyone to see. They do not want to be registered at a cheesy website or App. They choose us because we respect their privacy.

We are proud to bring professional matchmaking service to our country and have no doubts reputation is something money can’t buy. You can learn more about traditions, culture, cuisine, history, economics, and of course, dating tips and advice at our video blog. Also, we recommend checking “Ukrainecityrours” on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

Our company breaks the misleading stereotype created by not upright marketers that Ukraine is a country of desperate brides. In our database, we have female lawyers, doctors, professors, scientists, teachers, entrepreneurs, nannies, artists, ecologists, professional models, singers, and yoga and fitness instructors. These ladies are not willing to “sell their soul” for a marriage of convenience, they want true feelings and romance with someone special. They are open-minded and adventurous in a good way to choose a man from another culture because they find different unique traditions mixed with their own so much more interesting and fascinating. They crave extra romance in their relationship. They desire it to be truly unique.

Falling in love with the right person is the best investment in your future. Your future life partner is the person who will support you and inspire, who will provoke your best or worst qualities. You learn from your partner and you grow together as one.

If you want the team of cupids, including a professional psychologist, matchmaker, and relationship coach to assist you in your journey – fill in the request form at our website and we will schedule a free call with you. Your questions are always welcomed.