With the development of technologies and means of transport, which let us  move around and communicate faster, people have discovered new opportunities to find their love partners. About twenty years ago people still used to find their beloved  mostly in their surroundings, but now they can travel all around the world and meet their true love outside their country. Or they can fall in love with an immigrant who has come to seek for happiness to another place. This makes people not only of different nationalities but also of different religion fall in love with each other. Do they have a chance to establish  long-term relationships, or  are they bound to fail? Let us try to look at the pros and cons of dating outside your religion.

Of course, dating a person of different religion can bring about some problems. The first one is misunderstanding with both your and the girl’s parents, who follow the customs and traditions of their religion and want their child (you) to do the same. In such a case you have to introduce each other to your parents and explain why you see your life with exactly this girl. Try to find the arguments in favour of your parents’ religion, like the girl doesn’t drink or smoke, she is well-bread, etc.  

If you and your girl manage to persuade both your and her parents that you two are made for each other, you will have to come over the next problem. People of different religion will definitely have different traditions. How can you cope with that? As for me, there is nothing bad in your celebrating each other’s religious holidays. You may discuss and tell each other about your religious traditions and find a compromise. For example, if one of you is not allowed to eat pork meat, it is absolutely possible to prepare a festive dinner without pork. Or, if it is not possible to escape pork dishes, you or your girlfriend can pay no attention to not eating one or another dish. By the way, it is the same with any religious differences. If you have decided to be together, you must find a compromise and stick to your traditions.

Of course, dating a woman of different religion does not create only problems. It can have advantages as well. First of all, you both will have no lack in discussions. You will always have something to talk about and compare. Share your traditions and try your partner’s ones.

Secondly, communicating with a girl of different religion, her friends and people surrounding her, you will surely widen your world outlook. You can even want to learn more and travel to each other’s holy places and learn the history of each other’s religion.

The last, but not the least important point I will mention is that dating a person of different religion you will undoubtedly breed tolerance in yourself. Nowadays, people are becoming less tolerant even to their relatives and friends, not speaking of people from other countries. But if you are lucky to find your love, who is from a different country, you will surely learn to understand people around you better.

Finally, each of you must be sure that your choice is right and you are ready to spend your life with this very person. Relationship, especially living together is like a collision of two micro-cultures, which has to finish with creating of a common culture in which you both will have to tolerate each other’s religious beliefs and traditions. That is why, before starting a relationship with a person of different religion think over all the pros and cons and decide if you are  ready to accept your partner’s religion as well as share yours with her.