Dating service in Ukraine: market review

It is a fact that a high number of foreign men dream about Ukrainian wife. There are plenty of reasons for it – women are very feminine despite of feminism growth in almost all developed countries, they are beautiful, take care about their appearance and they are excellent housewives with the traditional family values. It’s exactly why Ukrainian dating services are so popular and well-known around the world. Unfortunately, this popularity is like a “sweet candy” for some entrepreneurs, whose goal is not the introductions, but making money on trusting foreign men, so the glory of this market is not always good. Dating sites reviews in Ukraine do not always have a good reputation.

Let’s do a brief dating sites reviews in Ukraine.

Online dating

Perhaps, it is the most widespread direction. It conquered the world a long time ago and is developing rapidly in our country too. There is a wide range of sites with definite directions – based on the religious views, similar interests, regions of residence, etc. Development of such branches with narrow specifications is one of the future trends. Nowadays the most well-known representatives of a dating site for Ukraine locally are world-famous mobile apps (such as Tinder, Badoo, etc.). If we are talking about international dating, the most widespread are online sites.

Speed dating.

This kind of offline service became popular not so long ago. In terms of local events, they are usually arranged for young people, mostly age category is 20-30, less frequently it can be 20-35. In considering the Ukrainian market globally, there are international dating agencies, which organize romantic tours – a group of foreign men come to find their special ladies, the meetings normally have the format of typical speed dating, but age category of both gentlemen and ladies can be highly varied. Such form has its own pros and cons, but obviously it is developing from year to year, and more agencies have such tours.

Marriage agencies.

Mostly they have so-called mixed type. What does it mean? Owners of the agencies usually try not to miss any chance to get the paying client – it could be either a site(as mentioned before online dating sites) where men have an opportunity to enjoy chats with the beautiful ladies, or video calls and if the foreign client decides to come for the meeting with his special lady, they will organize the dates.

Matchmaking agencies.

It is a kind of offline service which is aimed at the serious relationship leading to marriage. Matchmaking is very popular and widespread in the USA, where to hire a personal matchmaker is not only normal, but even prestigious. Mostly American matchmakers work locally, they introduce people within the bounds of the country, state or city. In our country people hardly understand how matchmaking actually works, although it is the most effective kind of introductions. Matchmaking differs from other dating services in Ukraine in that it doesn’t have the open base of the ladies, so men don’t have the opportunity to choose by height, weight and eyes color. Professional matchmaker chooses the lady according to client’s preferences, expectations, life experience, interests, etc. The success of such companies is that all ladies in the base are real, have the serious intention and the introductions take place only in case of the mutual interest.

Many foreign men who were duped more than once on different sites are worried about long chatting with the potential mates and attuned to meetings in person. So the future is transition to offline version. Date reviews in matchmaking of Ukraine are much more promising.

We are so spoiled and lucky at the same time with the opportunity to choose a partner from all over the world. We are all different, we have different values and customs and it`s our right to choose a partner of any nationality, skin color and language spoken. With all these opportunities we increase our chances to find a soul mate, wherever she is located. I think we should be grateful to international agencies that have been developing so fast lately.

There are plenty of reasons to look for your partner abroad. It helps you to be more open-minded and tolerant, your relationship will never be boring, you can learn new things and language from each other, and have mixed-blood kids with different national background. To be successful and happy, you should follow all the common rules as if you were in usual relationship, be attentive to each other, communicate a lot, support, give compliments, surprise, try to be more understanding of differences in culture and religion. If you are still hesitating, you can always contact specialists of high-quality offline matchmaking by Diolli and they will answer all your questions.