Dating tours are tours that men take in search of a serious relationship or a marriage. A lot of dating tours take places throughout the world but dating tours to Ukraine are the most popular. You will find many hosting companies that provide dating tours to Ukraine. But unfortunately not every company has the ultimate goal of the tour to match men for marriage. That`s why you should carefully choose a dating tour to Ukraine and pay your attention on many things like:

  • what is the main concept of the tour?
  • what is the age limit of the group?
  • how big is the group?
  • how many days the tour will last?
  • what city the tour will take place?
  • what does this tour include?
  • what is the price of the tour?

Let`s do the analysis of two different dating tours to Ukraine and see the difference

Dating tour to Ukraine 1:

The main concept of the tour:

The company specializes on the premium single event for young adults.

The tour takes place in the second biggest city of Ukraine with an innovative and cozy airport that makes it easier to get there.

The group of the tour is up to 5 people what helps to provide more personal service.

  • Age limit for gentlemen: 37 y.o
  • Age limit for ladies: 35 y.o
  • Age limit helps to create a healthy environment and good communication in the tour.


Hosting company provides a diverse program of the tour that includes: golf lessons, party-bus excursion, wine tasting, pool party, yoga class, passionate private dance lesson, horseback riding and many more.

The hosting company books for you the hotel of premium-class and only the high quality restaurants.

Dating tour to Ukraine 2:

The main concept of the tour:

The company created a group speed dating event system.

The tour takes place in a small city of Ukraine that doesn`t have an airport.

The group of the tour is up to 20 people.

  • Age limit for gentlemen: none
  • Age limit for ladies: none
  • Age gap isn`t always work well for such events.


The program of the tour includes only lunches and dinners.

The hosting company books for you the hotel 3*.

Every hosting company has different prices on dating tours to Ukraine but you should remember that when you invest in love you are investing in your life and every service has its own price.

Why not to try your luck in a dating tour, meet wonderful people, have fun, explore a new country and who knows maybe even fall in love!