Diolli.com is glad to announce premium events for singles “Young Adults”. Dating tour to Ukraine with Diolli.com is created for the gentlemen under 37 years old and the ladies under 35 years old.

The tour includes seven unforgettable days:

  • It is the first age appropriate international events for singles. Diolli.com truly believes it is highly important that all gentlemen and ladies who participate in this dating tour to Ukraine will be from the same age group, which will help to create the best atmosphere for healthy communication. The events include many exciting activities, parties and new introductions with young beautiful single Ukrainian ladies.
  • Dating tour to Ukraine with Diolli.com is not a traditional speed dating. At the traditional speed-dating event you usually have about 7-10 minutes or less to impress a potential date. You sit down in front of the lady and you have to start a small talk. You don`t actually have much time to really get to know the person in front of you as well as to properly introduce yourself. In most cases, it gets too formal, rather unnatural, really stiff and boring. It`s not easy to open up, build a romantic dialogue and start flirting in such a short period of time and forced atmosphere.  This is why Diolli.com has decided to set another format of international dating events.  It will be easier and more fun to get to know new people while learning how to dance salsa, during the wine tasting or at a cooking class.
  • You will have the full day for the individual dates with ladies as well. It will be a great opportunity to get to know each other better and to spend a good quality of time together. Diolli.com prepared for you several amazing VIP dates. You will be provided with a professional interpreter for your dates if necessary and the driver will take you back to the hotel after them.
  • Dating tour to Ukraine with Diolli.com put together only a small group. The group of the tour is up to five gentlemen and this really helps to provide more personal service. Diolli.com boutique matchmaking agency believes that it is important to pay maximum of attention to every member of the group and his individual needs. You will have 24/7 assistant and personal “concierge” (manager who will be always in touch with you and solve all necessary problems).
  • You will have the opportunity to choose from the ladies of the exact age group. You will be introduced to beautiful young single Ukrainian ladies under 35 years old open for the international dating. Age limit helps to create a healthy environment and good communication during dating tour to Ukraine with Diolli.com. You will know each other better doing many exciting activities together, having romantic dinners and visiting interesting places. It’s very easy to fall in love in such atmosphere.
  • You will meet the Ukrainian culture and traditions. Exploring new country is always an interesting process and it will be more exciting in a company of the beautiful Ukrainian ladies. In the tour you will have the whole day devoted to the Ukrainian culture, you will wear vyshyvanka, have sightseeing tour with the professional guide and try unbelievably delicious Ukrainian cuisine.
  • You will get “all inclusive” service with the detailed program. Diolli.com really wants you to spend your time in the tour efficiently, so you will be busy in a positive way every day. Dating tour to Ukraine with Diolli.com will be full of new impressions and positive emotions. You won’t need to plan the activities or look for places to visit. Diolli.com has already prepared an amazing plan for you. Besides, you know exactly how much it will cost you. The price includes all the activities, transportation, accommodation and the service of interpreter.

Dating tour to Ukraine with Diolli.com is the best way to spend memorable time and meet a young single beautiful Ukrainian lady!