Nowadays, every second person is a user of a dating site. People all over the world try to find a soulmate this way. It’s not a shame anymore. People don’t hide the fact that they are users of dating sites. It’s like to be a user of Facebook or Instagram.

I don`t understand why people usually associate online dating scammers with Ukraine or Russia. You can find scammers on every dating site of every country. But Ukrainian dating scammers always get a lot of attention. Ukrainian women are quite popular among the foreigners. Maybe this is the reason of many rumors.

Men hope to meet a girl of their dreams on a dating site. Sometimes men fall in love and stop to think clearly. They refuse to see obvious things and online dating scammers use it.

Men should pay their attention to the next things to avoid scammers:

  • Photos. Not a good sign is if the pictures of a lady are photoshopped too much. It`s okay if she has several professional pictures but she has to show some casual pictures as well. Sometimes we look very different on professional pictures. Use the search by photo. It`s happened that scammers use pictures of other people.
  • Age gap. If you are attacked by the girls who are 30ty years younger than you, the opportunity to be scammed will be very high. I`m not saying that beautiful young lady who has never been married and doesn’t have children can`t be interested in a much older man. It happens in a real life but very rarely.
  • Letters. You can easily understand if the letters of a lady are written without a soul. If all the messages are stereotyped and are not personalized, you should be on the lookout.
  • Money. If a lady asks you for money because her cell phone was stolen or she needs money for medicine or any other reason it will be not a good sign.
  • Professional daters. Find out how long a lady is on a dating site. If she has been there for many years already it seems like she doesn`t have a goal to find love.

There are some tips for you how not to be scammed:

  • Check the information about a girl you communicate with on other social networks. Nowadays, the majority of people have Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or other pages.
  • Offer a girl you communicate with to have a Skype call.
  • Check if she is in the black list of online dating scammers.
  • Ask the same questions several times to check if you get the same answers on it. Usually online dating scammers don`t remember what they write to a “victim” and don`t pay attention to the answers either.
  • Don`t send to anyone your personal information like your address, phone number or number of credit card.
  • Do not send money to a lady you met on a dating site and have never seen her in real life.
  • Never send any compromising pictures of yourself to a lady you hardly know from a dating site. The possibility to be blackmailed by online dating scammers is very high.

Life is about taking risks. You never know where you will find your best half. Take every chance to find your love. It will be more effective if you use a professional help of matchmaking agency.

Matchmaking agencies have appeared to save men from having their feelings crushed.