Dating Ukrainian girls: avoid scams

In the modern world of technologies, more and more people use social media and different apps to find a significant one. In the busy world it became a usual thing to look for romance in the internet. It is an enormous platform, which people use for different reasons:

  1. To have fun.
  2. Heal a broken heart.
  3. Easily establish intimate connection.
  4. Practice a foreign language.
  5. Find a soulmate, which is really the hardest of all.

I don`t understand why people usually associate online dating scams with Ukrainian or Russian ladies. You can find scammers on every dating site of every country. But Ukrainian internet dating scams always get a lot of attention. Ukrainian brides scam is quite popular among the foreigners.

Men hope to meet a girl of their dreams, falling into the hands of a typical Ukrainian dating scams. Sometimes men fall in love and stop to think clearly. They refuse to see obvious things and Ukrainian dating site scams use it. One of the reasons they get trapped, because they want to receive a quick and at the same time successful result.


  1. Photos. Not a good sign is if the pictures of a lady are photoshopped too much or if the they expose a naked body (in a swimming suit for example). It`s okay if she has several professional pictures but she has to show some casual pictures as well. Sometimes we look very different on professional pictures. Use the search by photo. It`s happened that scammers use pictures of other people. Men subconsciously are attracted by looks, especially if they see a hot girl in a red bikini. But before your nature reacts, you should stop and think, if the lady had serious intentions, would she be exposing her body in front of million of men? I doubt it. If you are lucky enough to have an opportunity to meet a glamorous lady like from a Cosmo magazine, do not set high expectations.
  2. Age gap. If you are attacked by the girls who are 30ty years younger than you, the opportunity to be scammed will be very high. I`m not saying that beautiful young lady who has never been married and doesn’t have children can`t be interested in a much older man. It happens in a real life but very rarely. I often hear such phrase: “Age is just a number”. Do you agree with it? I think that age matters and big difference won`t contribute to a healthy relationship. There is no universal formula for happiness, but still you must think ahead and be reasonable. If you believe that a 20 year old can girl fall in love with a 50 year old man, that`s a myth or rather an exception. She would probably search for a financial support. You both have different background, she doesn`t know the songs of your childhood, you don`t know the names of the cartoons she was watching. Unlikely you will have common interests, which is not a good foundation for emotional intimacy. Let me share several examples I have heard about. One of the couples, let me call them Linda and Dave, had a big age gap. It was just 8 years, where a man was older. Everything seemed perfect, they met each other online. They were having lots of fun, travelling a lot and had many dreams until one day Dave proposed to her. She didn`t expect it, she liked the fun they shared, but was not ready to take a serious step. She was not ready to have kids yet and was not planning to have them in the nearest future. So they just broke up.
  3. Letters. You can easily understand if the letters of a lady are written without a soul. If all the messages are stereotyped and are not personalized, you should be on the lookout. You might even communicate with a person, who doesn’t really exist in real life. If you have been communicating for a long time, ask to send a selfie or a small video.
  4. Money. If a lady asks you for money because her cell phone was stolen or she needs money for medicine, maybe suddenly her grandma fell ill and she urgently needs funds. Also she may complain that she doesn’t have enough rest, because she has so much work to do and it is good to go on a vacation. You haven`t see the person yet, you shouldn`t support her financially. Only after meeting each other, you can send her a bouquet of flowers and invite for a vacation together, if you like each other.
  5. Professional daters. Find out how long a lady is on a dating site. If she has been there for many years already it seems like she doesn`t have a goal to find love.

THERE ARE SOME TIPS FOR YOU HOW NOT TO BE used by Ukrainian marriage agency scams:

  1. Check the information about a girl you communicate with on other social networks. Nowadays, the majority of people have Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or other pages. Also her profile must not be exposed on all websites.
  2. Offer a girl you communicate with to have a Skype call.
  3. Check if she is in the black list of Ukrainian dating scam.
  4. Ask the same questions several times to check if you get the same answers on it. Usually they don`t remember what they write to a “victim” and don`t pay attention to the answers either. For example, she said that she was going to visit her grandmother in Russia in July. You can google the location and ask her to send some pictures of the place when she is going to be there. If she sends you a picture in the swimming pool among the palm trees, definitely it is not Russia or maybe her grandmother moved to Turkey or Egypt. Be alert and cross check the information.
  5. Don`t send your personal information like your address, phone number or number of credit card.
  6. Do not send money to a lady you met on a dating site and have never seen her in real life.
  7. Never send any compromising pictures of yourself to a lady you hardly know. For example, you engaged in a “hot conversation” and she sent you some intimate parts of her body waiting for you to send yours in return. Before sexting with a stranger, think twice. It is very intimate subject and I do not recommend to do it with a stranger. The possibility to be blackmailed by online dating scammers is very high.

Life is about taking risks. You never know where you will find your best half. Take every chance to find your love. There are many types of Ukrainian dating scams, but if you learn some tricks, you will be prepared. It will be more effective if you use a professional help of matchmaking agency.

Matchmaking agencies save you from Ukrainian wife scam.

There are plenty of men, who want to have a wife from Ukraine. No wonder, ladies here are feminine, follow fashion, smart, tender and successful in their careers. They are good mothers too. If you aim exceptionally at serious relationship, which leads to marriage, you should address a premium high-quality service. Matchmaking has different approach, it is an offline service, there is no open base of women, which you can scroll up and down and choose by height, colour and weight. Even though these factors are considered in a matchmaking process, they are not a priority. There is no pay-per letter system, you do not communicate with a potential partner before a real meeting. Your preferences regarding appearance, occupation, age and desire to have kids will be taken into account. You will be supported by a group of professionals throughout the whole journey, starting from the selection process of ladies, real dates and communication afterwards. It takes more time than a usual Tinder interaction, but if you want to reach your goal, you should invest the most precious thing in your life, which is time. You can always ask questions and get useful tips from professionals. International dating is challenging, because you have different background, traditions and culture, but at the same time it gives you an amazing opportunity to find true love on the other end of the world. It is very romantic and definitely worth trying!