Dating Ukrainian women for free. Is it a myth?

WHO should really pay while dating?

In our tradition, if a man is romantically interested in a lady, he is the one who takes financial responsibility. It is a part of courtesy and a honeymoon period. He buys flowers, presents, treats with dinners at the restaurants. Of course, there have to be limits and if the girl is decent. Still, if he wants to show his care, he has to be the one in charge.

Women’s thoughts:

Elena. If you ask me who should pay for dates, my answer is a gentleman of course! I don’t like greedy males! I cannot imagine what my life is going to be like if I agree to have relationship in which I have to share finances equally at the beginning! If he is a real gentleman, he wouldn`t allow a lady to split the bill. If a guy I am on a date with is asking me to split the bill, I will, but he is going to be off my list automatically. A girl is like a flower, the more you water it, the more it blossoms. Then she shares her positive energy with him and he earns even more, becomes more successful in business. It is a cycle and I think it works perfectly in the universe. Females have always been inspiring males for amazing achievements. Once I went out on a date, we were walking a lot and having a good time. It was 4 hours walk, we had many things in common. I was getting hungry and cold, but a guy didn`t even offer me a cup of coffee. I gave an idea of having lunch somewhere. He enjoyed our walk and was very tired, going to the restaurant was not in his plans. So, obviously it was our first and last meeting. It is not only a matter of money, but also a sign of care about the person.

Kate. When should a woman pay for a date? As for me, it all depends… if one of my colleagues or friends asks me out to have lunch I definitely invest. If am going on a romantic meeting, I expect a guy to take care of me financially, but I will offer to share the bill just in case. This is where he decides. So far, I have not met men, who wanted me to do it.

Maria. Should a girl offer to pay on a first date? In my opinion, every lady can pay but she does not have to do it. If I am going on a romantic meeting, I always count on the man’s finances; however I do not order anything extra expensive. I don`t eat much, I don`t come to eat. I order something to be polite, it might be a salad and coffee. If I choose wine, I try to choose average prices, I wouldn`t order Dom Perignon just because it is expensive. It shows good manners. At the same time I have a particular sum of money with me just in case. There are different situations in life, his card might not be working. It is totally fine and I can give some cash to cover the bill. It really happened to me once, I was with a guy in a luxurious restaurant and his card didn` t work. He apologized hundred of times. I took care of the bill, it was totally fine with me. Then he withdrew some cash and gave it back to me. It is not a big deal, things happen.

Olga. How many dates should a guy pay for? To my mind there is no need to buy anything. If a guy pays, I owe him something. So I always give money. Some accept it with pleasure; others don`t. However, if I like the man, I will let him take the initiative.

Karina. When I was 18 the financial part didn’t matter much. It didn’t bother me when my boyfriend couldn`t buy flowers or pay the bill at a restaurant. We were young and reckless. As we grew older, my priorities started to change. I wanted to have a family with this person, but I didn`t feel his desire to support me financially. A man should be a breadwinner in the family. We broke up because of other reasons too. When I started to go out again, it was one of my priority to meet a man who thinks it is important to take care of me financially. I have a well-paid job and I will participate in family budget when we get married, but I really want him to take care of me during the honeymoon period as part of the courtesy. I don`t need him to buy stockings or everyday stuff, but a bouquet of flowers and a dinner at the restaurant is much appreciated.

Dmitry. The only woman I have to support financially and buy something is my wife. It is not because I am greedy, I just do not want to make “investments” into someone, because I experienced not a very good situation with a girl in my life and do not want to repeat it again. I met her in the Internet, we seemed to have much in common and I thought that I found a soulmate. She was an easy-going, beautiful, positive and determined lady. We had communicated a lot before we actually met in real life. She was super sweet and it seemed that she was an angel from heaven, everything I was dreaming about in one person. She came to see me and straight away told me that her phone broke, so she couldn`t tell me that she was late. Also she mentioned that since her phone was dead, she didn’t have a chance to communicate with him properly and she needed a new phone. Of course I wanted to talk to her every day. I bought a new phone and gave as a gift. And she disappeared. Since that time I don’t believe anyone, she broke my heart.

Michael. I will never let myself take the girl’s money for the cinema, café, restaurant or any other date activity. However, when a girl offers to share the bill, I do not feel humiliated. It is just a sign that she does not see a man in me and I try to avoid seeing such ladies as we have nothing to offer to each other.

Alex. I have dated different girls – modest and materialistic, cheeky and plain. All of them behaved differently. Some took me shopping as a sponsor, others offered the most expensive dishes in the restaurants. There were girls, who made sensible orders and they did not ask me to give them expensive gifts or take them on a trip.

Now that you have read both men’s and women’s opinion about the issue, what do you think?