“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” – have you ever heard this saying? This is the best way to describe the difference between men and women. We are like from different planets, we have different sets of minds, we have different physique. At the same time men and women are inseparable like salt and pepper, like martini and olives or for men will be clearer to say whiskey and ice. We have been trying to understand each other better for centuries. Every day we try to solve the puzzle and find answers for the questions as “what did she really mean when she sad that?”, “why did she have such a strong reaction on my action…did I do something wrong?”, “Why does she cry or what is she doing for so long in a beauty salon?”

The best way to understand another person is to walk in her/his shoes. What if you switch places with a woman and spend a whole day like a woman. So literally, you can start the experiment with trying to walk in a woman`s high-heeled shoes, and not only walking but running after public transport or doing grocery shopping in it. You won`t need to work out after walking 5 days per week in a high-heeled shoes, that`s for sure. And don`t forget to carry a woman purse with you everywhere you go with everything necessary in it, like extra pair of tights, a comb, a mirror, matting wipes, tampons, powder and lipstick, plasters, an umbrella, hand cream and perfume. There`s a challenge for you: find a wallet in a woman`s purse in 30 seconds.

Can you imagine that every morning you have to put on your face lotion, day cream, under eyes cream, concealer, foundation, eye shadow and mascara, eye liner, blusher and lipstick. Believe me I listed the very minimum of what can be. Every morning you should put it on and every evening you should wash it off your face what takes almost the same amount of time.

Then just imagine you meet your girlfriends for lunch in a fancy restaurant with plenty of delicious food but you can`t enjoy it because of your diet. So you order a plate of leaves and listen to the problems in relationships of your girlfriends or you discuss cellulite while sharing one desert for four. After you have decided to go shopping and spend minimum four hours checking one shop after another until something remembers you that you have a waxing appointment.

Waxing is one the most painful and unpleasant procedure that women have to do every single month. I could compare it to taking off your skin alive.

Your day off is almost finished as well as the day but you still have to clean the apartment, cook diner and prepare an outfit for tomorrow`s working day. Ah yes, don`t forget to wash off make up from the face and put on a night cream.

I described an easy day of women where work, children, gym or yoga class, her period and etc. were not included.

Would you like to switch places with women? Or let`s imagine a day without woman. You are a father of two adorable children (4 and 7 years old). Your day without a woman starts from waking the children up, dressing them up and making breakfast for them. Then you take children to school and do grocery shopping. You still have time to clean the house and prepare snacks for children before picking them up from school and driving them to a swimming pool and a football lesson. A day without woman is continued. You bring the kids home and start to make dinner and at the same time to help children with homework.

How do you like that experience? Would you like to switch places or spend a day without woman? I find nothing wrong in switching duties if it`s comfortable for you and your family. I know several families in Europe where the mother works and the father takes care of children. They changed roles and lived happily ever after.

It`s your life and your rules!