Discovering Ukraine. 10 interesting facts about Ukrainian lifestyle

What is Ukraine like? What are Ukrainian people like? How do they live? What do they usually do? Working in an international match-making agency, we have heard these questions a hundred times. So, finally, we are ready to answer them in this article and tell you about Ukrainian lifestyle.

Fact #1. Ukrainians work a lot. It is not a secret that money has always played a big role in our life. Although, many people say that they can be happy having only a beloved person beside and no money, it is not absolutely true. Unfortunately, life makes most of us work a lot to earn money and be able to live in comfort, eat good food, have fun and have a chance to see a doctor whenever we need to.

Fact #2. Rest is an important part of Ukrainian lifestyle. That is absolute truth. Being hard-workers, Ukrainians are “hard-resters” too. Although, we do not have much free time, we like to spend it properly. Whenever we get a chance, we like going to the cinema or theatre, spend time with our friends at a disco, walk around the city or have a picnic in the countryside.

Fact #3. Ukrainian women spend a lot of time doing sports. To tell you the truth, I cannot say that all Ukrainian ladies «live» in the gym, however it is true that many of us like looking after our body. We try to spend at least four hours a week doing sport. Some of the girls like going to the gym, swimming-pool or aerobics classes. But nowadays different kinds of dances, including pole-dance, aerial-dance, ballroom dance, contemporary dance, etc. have become an inseparable part of Ukrainian lifestyle.

Fact #4. Ukrainian people like living in the blocks of flats in the city center. Yes, in spite of the fact that in most countries living in the center of the city is not popular, we think that it is the best place to live. Why? Of course, because it is very easy to get to any other part of the city, and usually all important institutions are situated in the center too. Still, nowadays more and more people are building private houses outside the city. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years we all will want to live far from the noise of the city center.

Fact #5. Most Ukrainians like spending time in the countryside in their countryside houses, which we call «dachas». Our parents and grandparents did use to like spending time there, but not for rest. A dacha for them was a place where they grew vegetables and fruit. So, every weekend going to a dacha was not for relaxation. All the family had to go there to water the plants, dig the ground and gather the harvest. Nowadays, a dacha is not a popular part of Ukrainian lifestyle since young generation is not into gardening. And every time they want to have a rest, they choose to go for a picnic or visit some restaurants outside the city. Still, many people continue this “dacha” tradition.

Fact #6. Ukrainians like cooking. That is absolute truth. Both Ukrainian women and men enjoy spending time in the kitchen. There are a lot of cooking master-classes and schools around Ukraine, which are very popular among people of different ages and sexes. That is why, many people prefer eating at home, rather than eating out.

Fact #7. Ukrainians love their families and try to spend as much time with them as possible. That is true, and we try to keep in touch with our parents no matter where they are, even by making a call once a day. Family is very important for Ukrainian people.

Fact #8. Ukrainians love looking good. Both men and women care about the clothes they wear. A lot of people from foreign countries do like our ladies, for example, because they wear high-heeled shoes all the time, they also wear smart clothes and have good make-up and hair. Frankly speaking, we Ukrainians, have it in our blood. For some reason, we cannot let ourselves look simple. We have to be posh.

Fact #9. Education is very important for Ukrainian people. We spend a lot of time studying. Probably, that is why there are a lot of famous scientists, who were born in Ukraine. What makes me feel sad, is that to become famous, most of them had to leave their Motherland.

Fact #10. Ukrainian lifestyle cannot be harmonious without traveling. Ukrainians adore discovering new places both in our country and abroad. But, what makes me feel especially proud, is that wherever we are, we always remember where we come from and try to share our culture with the whole world and tell how beautiful Ukraine is.