10 interesting facts about Ukrainian lifestyle

What is Ukraine like? What is the history of Ukrainian culture? Working in an international matchmaking agency, we have heard a lot of these questions. Probably you already know some common facts about Ukraine. Let me share with you some interesting things about Ukraine and people`s lifestyle.

  1. They work a lot. Money has always played a big role in our life. People in our country are very hard-working. Some of them can balance even two jobs at a time to provide enough for comfort living.
  2. They love their families and try to spend as much time with them as possible. It is true, and we try to keep in touch with our parents no matter where we are, even by making a call once a day. Family is very important for Ukrainian people. All important events and holidays are celebrated together.
  3. Education is very important too. We spend a lot of time studying. Probably, this is a reason why there are a lot of famous scientists, who were born in Ukraine. Gas lamp was invented in Lvov. Even now tourists can visit a café dedicated to this invention.
  4. The culture of Ukraine is very diverse. People are proud wearing national clothes on different occasions.
  5. Most of us love countryside houses, which we call «dachas». Our parents and grandparents used to like spending time there, but not for rest. A dacha for us was a place where we grew vegetables and fruit. So, every weekend going to a dacha was not for relaxation. All the family had to go there to water the plants, dig the ground and gather the harvest. Nowadays, a dacha is not a popular part of lifestyle since young generation is not into gardening. And every time we want to have a rest, we choose to go for a picnic or visit some restaurants outside the city. Still, many people continue this “dacha” tradition.
  6. Women do sports. To tell you the truth, not all ladies devote all their free time to the gym, however it is true that many of them like looking after their bodies. They try to spend at least four hours a week doing sport. Some of the girls are fond of going to the gym, swimming-pool or fitness classes. But nowadays different kinds of dances, including pole-dance, aerial-dance, ballroom dance, contemporary dance, etc. have become an indispensable part of lifestyle.
  7. In Ukraine people prefer living in the blocks of flats in the city center. In most countries living in the center is not popular, we think that it is the best place to live. Why? Of course, because it is very easy to get to any other part of the city, and usually all important institutions are situated in the center too. Still, nowadays more and more people are building private houses out of town. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years we all will want to live far from the noise of the city.
  8. They like cooking. That is the absolute truth. Ukrainian women enjoy spending time in the kitchen. There are a lot of cooking master-classes and schools around the country, which are very popular among people of different ages and sexes. That is why, many people enjoy eating homemade delicious food.
  9. They love looking good. Both men and women care about the clothes they wear. A lot of people from foreign countries do like our ladies, because they wear high-heeled shoes, also wear smart clothes and have nice make-up and hairstyle.
  10. Their lifestyle cannot be harmonious without traveling. They adore discovering new places both in their own country and abroad. But, what makes me feel especially proud, is that wherever we are, they always remember where they come from and try to share information about their country with the whole world and tell how beautiful Ukraine is. We do have plenty of places to visit: our own Alps, Bukovel mountains in the western part, a lot of people go there skiing in winter and enjoy the nature in summer. Also magnificent city Lvov, which is famous for authentic cafes, streets and amazing atmosphere. We enjoy both domestic and international travelling. Kharkov is industrial university city, there is the biggest square in Eastern Europe. Odessa is famous for its amazing architecture and Black Sea, famous among tourists from all over the world.

Let me share with you some more interesting facts about culture in Ukraine. Did you know that married couples put a ring on the right hand in comparison to other nations? And also we have an old tradition at weddings which is called “stealing a bride”, it is a fun game and expected by the groom. He just doesn’t know exact time when it is going to happen. This fun activity is held in order to show the worth of the bride and entertain guests with funny competitions. If you ever have a chance to visit such wedding, don`t be surprised.

To sum up I would say Ukrainians are very positive, have active style of life with a great culture and traditions.