What is the Ukrainian language like?

If you have decided to look for your better half in Ukraine, you may have asked yourself this question. The first answer that may come to your mind is the Ukrainian language. However, people who have been to Ukraine may tell you that Ukrainian girls speak Russian. Sounds quite strange, doesn’t it? Still, it is absolute truth and girls in Ukraine can speak either the Ukrainian language or Russian, or both of them.  Why is it so?

The answer to the question is quite simple. History is to blame for this. Believe it or not, but both Russian and Ukrainian languages can be considered mother tongues for Ukrainian people. And Ukraine can be called the Motherland of the Russian language. People, who are called Ukrainians, Russians, Byelorussians originated from one people, which lived in ancient Rus. However, because of the division of the state into different parts occupied by Poland, Lithuania, Austria and Mongol-Tatars, the “common” language of Rus also split up and obtained different variations.  

When Ukraine was a part of the USSR, the Ukrainian language was considered to be the language of peasants and if a person came to big city and spoke Ukrainian, people laughed at him or her. Still, villagers were the ones who saved the customs and traditions of our country.  

That is why, nowadays it is a usual thing to hear both Russian and Ukrainian languages in our country. So, if you liked a woman from the central or Eastern part of Ukraine, she will speak Russian, however women who live in the West and North of the country speak mainly the Ukrainian language. But, if you want to speak with a Ukrainian lady using her native language, you may speak either Ukrainian or Russian. They understand both.

If you decide to learn Ukrainian, remember that the way it sounds can be unusual for you. But many people say that it is the most melodic language after Italian. To give you a picture of what it is like, I want to share some opinions of foreign people, who have heard the Ukrainian language.

Carlos from Portugal.

Ukrainian speech sounds very soft, in spite of having a lot of sibilants. To me, Ukrainian seems to be a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese. It has the same softness as Spanish and “hissing” as Portuguese. Maybe, that is why the latter is an easy language for Ukrainians.

Shankar from India.

As for me, Ukrainian lanquage sounds passionate and emotional. Ukrainian songs are very similar to Indian ones, but we are better dancers. I think that Ukrainian language is pleasant to your ear.

Pierre from France.

I love the Ukrainian language. It is very melodic and pleasant to ear. However, I started to understand what people say after my fifth visit here. But I managed to speak Ukrainian with my Ukrainian girlfriend after half a year. Just like French, your language is very soft and can be called the language of love.

Irfan from Pakistan.

The meaning of Ukrainian words was an absolute mystery for me, but I thought that Ukrainians were speaking about something good all the time. Ukrainian seems to be very kind and soft. I really like when women speak the Ukrainian language.

Valery from Germany.

When I hear Ukrainians speak Ukrainian, it seems to me that it is impossible to speak any other language as fast. Ukrainian speech is very quick and rhythmic, and it sounds melodic and passionate. However, some of the sounds can make people go mad. I am sure that English or German speaking people will never pronounce your “soft sign” or sonant “r”.

Ali from Kuwait.

To me, Ukrainian speech sounds very masculine. I feel the lively rhythm in it. I think I can compare the Ukrainian language with the summer storm: first, you hear the thunder rumbling, and then warm drops of rain cover you.

So, if you are brave enough to choose a Ukrainian wife for you and learn the Ukrainian language, you may add some of your feelings and impressions. I am sure that it will not leave your heart empty.