Why do Ukrainian women choose international dating?

Working in the business of international matchmaking, I often hear these two questions from our men-clients from abroad. They cannot understand why a Ukrainian woman would go for dating a foreign man. To finally answer these questions, we have decided to share our ideas as well as the answers given by our women-clients, who have decided to look for their love abroad.

Me (Valeriia). Frankly speaking, I cannot say that Ukrainian women hate Ukrainian men. The life has just made so that many of the girls have not had a chance to build relationship with Ukrainian men or there have been no good candidates. I myself know more than one Ukrainian woman dating a man frome abroad. Interestingly, many of them did not address a matchmaking agency. They met their beloved while travelling, or by chance here in Kharkov, which proves my personal belief: love will find you wherever you are when the time comes.

Elena. I am 35, which is quite an AGE for a Ukrainian woman, meaning that she is very unlikely to find a decent husband to create a good family. Ukrainian men of such age or nearly the same age, who can be decent candidates for creating a family are usually married and have one at this age. Those who are not married yet, sadly suffer from the problems with alcohol and look much older that they are. While foreign men, only start thinking about their married life after 30. That is why, I have decided to look for my destiny outside Ukraine.

Mariia. I do not want to beat around the bush, that is why I will sincerely answer why I am looking for a man from abroad. I am a Ukrainian woman, who was born here and has lived in Ukraine all my life. I love my country, but… I do not see my future here. What is going on around me has made me start the search for a better life out there, ouotside my native country. I would like to find myself a foreign husband who will love me and who I will love and move to his country to live a “quality” life there.

Ekaterina. I know that many people think that money rules the world and every Ukrainian woman is interested in a foreign husband because he is “wealthy”. However, what matters to me is the absence of boorishness in foreign men. Everyone who I have met is more tactful and polite; proably because they are not spoiled be women’s attention. Only foreign men can admire a woman sincerely, without any reason, without asking for something in return. While Ukrainian men, who are waiting for a deception from a Ukrainian woman, are not eager to share their resources for nothing. By doing something they seem to imply or even ask: what will you give me in return? Will we have sex for such a gift? And such behaviour definitely contradicts women’s beliefs about what a real gentlemen is like.

Oksana. First of all, foreign men are the ones who like Ukrainian women so much. A Ukrainian woman is kinder, softer and more feminine than other European women. Ukrainian girls are diverse personalities, which attracts foreign men. While Ukrainian men find such qualities quite routine and they do not admire them.  That is why any Ukrainian woman will be pleased to see such special attention from a man and reciprocate it.

To continue speaking of other personal qualities, I would say that Ukrainian men tend to take more control of a woman: they often dictate her what to buy, what to wear, how to behave, what to do in her free time and how to look. They seem to have a sample of an ideal woman, which their girlfriend must fit in. Foreign men, on the contrary, respect the personal space and choice of a woman and do not strive to establish a totalitarian regime in relationship.

Me (Valeriia) summarising. To add to all the above said, I have to say that dating a foreign man is, definitely, a piece of freshness in the life of a Ukrainian woman. Dating a foreigner is associated with new emotions, new information, travelling and experiencing the world. What is more, we, Ukrainian girls, believe that we must find our true love, our ONE, and we are ready to search the world to find him.