Horoscopes have been a part of our life for a long time. A lot of people read them, some for entertainment other trust horoscopes and plan their life according to astrological forecast, waiting for pleasant or unfavorable events. What do Ukrainian women think of astrology and horoscopes? We have conducted a survey among our clients and here is what we have found out.

Svetlana. Do I trust horoscopes? Not really. Especially after I learnt that scientists had conducted an experiment which proved that zodiac sign does not influence a person’s character as well as that people of the same sign do not have similar traits of character. The scientists also found out that there is no connection between the date of your birth and your character.

Really, is it possible that people of all the planet can be divided into 12 categories, which have identical personality?

Of course, I do not say that astrology means nothing, but I just think that being obsessed with horoscopes is not good. One can trust stars, still you must also remember about your intuition. I know many people, who are absolutely happy without all this astrological stuff.

Oksana. As for me, I trust horoscopes, but not all of them. There are a lot of horoscopes telling you about love, family and work. But can you imagine what could happen if all Tauruses in the world met their true love today? Or all Virgos left their job?  

Even professional astrologists say that one should trust personal horoscope, which will take every detail into account: the time and date of your birth, the arrangement of planets, etc. Knowing every minute detail, a real specialist can make a prediction, while mixing the data for all the people in the world will not give such an accurate result.

Elena. I can say I trust horoscopes. If you have a horoscope made personally for you, it can help you understand and see some important things that have been destined for you at birth, your karma tasks and the ways to fulfill them.

As for “mass” horoscopes, I think they are not reliable because they are averaged. They usually say one thing today, and just the opposite thing the following day, as it is not possible to make a common horoscope for the whole world.

Maria. I do not always trust horoscopes. When they foretell good things for me, I believe them, if I have to expect something bad according to a horoscope, I do not believe in it.

Katerina. I do trust the zodiac signs characteristics. They help me understand what kind of a person I am dealing with. Still, I do not believe what everyday horoscopes say as they are created by special computer programs.

Olga. My vote is for horoscopes. Why? Psychology divides all people in the world into 4 categories: sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic. Why is not it possible to divide people into 12 categories according to their date of birth?

Julia. I do not trust everyday horoscopes. But I believe that it is possible to find your match with the help of horoscopes. As for me, very often the description of a zodiac sign matches the person. Moreover, I find horoscopes entertaining and they encourage me to learn more about other people.

Natalia. I actually do not trust horoscopes. Still I once tried to use an on-line astrological site. I filled in my personal data (place, date and time of birth) and made myself an individual horoscope. I was startled when I found out that the information I got was 80 % correct. So, maybe your date, place and time of birth do have some influence on you…