Very often one may hear that a man’s appearance is not very important for a woman, because she is mostly attracted by his wit, strength, the size of his wallet, while a man can be a bit more handsome than a monkey (as Ukrainian saying goes). However, not everyone agrees with this and a man’s appearance is important for a woman, especially when she first meets him.

Most women consider handsome men to be philanderers, who are not able to have serious feelings and long relationships. However, if it comes to beautiful women, their good qualities are mostly taken into an account. Actually, this is how many magazines make money, teaching women to be beautiful.

Nevertheless, a handsome, and what is more important, a soigne man will be a more desirable partner for a woman. A man’s appearance is very important for a woman, especially at the first stage of relationships, being the factor, which makes a man and a woman like each other and search for an opportunity to communicate with each other.

It is worthwhile to say that, probably, every man has asked his girlfriend if appearance is important for a woman. However, it is impossible to find an unambiguous answer since every woman has her own opinion of what a handsome man is like.  More often women find men handsome if they are close in ethnic or national status, as well as men who remind them of some close people. Psychologists have proved that there are only two features of men’s appearance, which are equally count in different cultures – height and muscles, while other  features are strictly individual, what is more, they can vary depending on the country or city.

Still, every community has its own standards of beauty, i.e. an attractive and handsome man is considered to be such by many people, who live in the same area with him. Thus such avowed “dreamboats” are popular with the opposite sex. That is why, it is natural that the question whether appearance is important for women or not is purely rhetorical.

However, there is a big difference between acknowledging a man handsome and a wish to have love relationship with him. It is proved that men and women who choose themselves beautiful and handsome partners, have a high self-esteem. While, people, who lack confidence  and have a low self-esteem are more likely to choose a partner, who is not so popular with others.

It is not enough to have an attractive appearance to turn a simple affection between a man and a woman into a deeper and more serious feeling, especially for women. It is well known that men can be in relationship with a silly and “empty” girl, who has long legs and big breasts. But women are not like this because they lose interest for handsome but silly men very quickly and the break-up is inevitable.

When the starting period of relationships finishes, the appearance stops being the key-factor. It is replaced by common interests and common perception of various life situations. The overall mood of a person is very important at this time. Still it is not the phase of relationships when you can show apathy, sadness or depression. The phase of transformation of liking into mutual attractiveness has to be accompanied by warm relationship, which is a vital part of success. A man’s appearance is still important for a woman, though it is not the most important thing. That is why it is better not to appear in home or scruffy clothes, having bad mood or being drunk.

Psychologists mention several phases of love: liking, attractiveness, infatuation and love. In fact, a man’s appearance is important for a woman only in the first two phases of love. Later on, when deep feelings appear, it is not so important for a man to be handsome.

So, are there women, for whom a man’s appearance does matter and is the main criteria of their choice and why? It is a controversial question. In most cases, women who find a male beauty important, have no mean opinion of themselves. What is more, while choosing a partner they are animated by a desire to look more beautiful than they are in reality. So, if a girl has a handsome man beside, she will be a real queen. Of course, most of people are confused and surprised seeing a handsome man’s lady, who is not very beautiful, but little by little their opinion changes and they start thinking that if he has chosen her, she is worth it. Consequently, choosing a handsome man as a partner is a social deposit for a woman, since she, herself, becomes more attractive in the eyes of people surrounding her.