Does reading make you more attractive?

Do you find reading attractive in any way?

Let`s imagine you wander in the park, just admiring the nature and looking around. There are three women sitting on different benches, one is vigorously talking on the phone, discussing some “spicy moments” from last night out with her friend, another one is nervously smoking and not even looking at you and the third one is reading. Who would look sexier in your opinion?

Definitely reading is sexy, isn`t it? All women would look attractive and sexy with a book in any location, either it`s a kitchen, or on a coach with a warm blanket and a cup of hot tea, on a plane or train, it`s always a mystery behind it. Do you agree with it?

A person who loves books is likely to have a good imagination, engages you with a new world, enriches, brings to the world of various stories, happy endings and break-ups. Have you ever noticed the moment when you fully participate in the story, feel those emotions, live the life of the characters and it helps you to turn off from a real world for a while, surely if it is worth it.

You can be inspired after reading, willing to share positive thoughts with your partner, books definitely make you more interesting. It teaches you how to be happy, enhances your imagination, read with pleasure and become more interesting to people. It opens a new world of emotions, perceptions, you become more emphatic to other people`s problems! It`s lovely when a couple likes exchanging thoughts about books they have read before, giving advice to each other on what`s to read next. It`s also common hobby, you can join your partner in a book`s store and choose a new exciting edition to spend an evening on.

How to be sexy and attractive? Let me suggest several inspiring and attractive books for your heart and soul:

  1. “Eat. Pray. Love. “By Elizabeth Gilbert
  2. An absolutely stunning masterpiece where you can find so much inspiration like nowhere else and travel with the main character to many parts of the world you haven`t even imagined and embark on a journey of life, leaving your comfort zone and enjoy new adventures. If you haven`t visited Italy, India and Bali yet, it is your chance to do it all at once while reading! You will know how to understand women`s logic, their wishes, lifestyle and emotions. Hurry up to join this adventure. It`s definitely not easy to give up your stable life, take your backpack and start a journey of life which won`t be the same 100%. The main character will take you on a rollercoaster, which you will enjoy riding.

  3. “No greater Love” by Daniele Steel
  4. It takes you on journey to a Titanic, sweeps you with emotions, giving a chance to be present at the scenes of a huge liner with all its hidden secrets. Even though everyone is familiar with the whole story on the famous ship, be sure it gives you the whole spectrum of emotions, from romance and despair to happiness and sadness. Daniele Steel knows how to touch the deepest corners of your heart and how to stay there for a long time.

  5. “This is how you lose her “ by Junot Diaz
  6. If you experience any difficulties in your relationships, or just want to know some tricks it is the best variant! Life changing for both women and men! Can reading improve your chances in love? Definitely yes, no doubts! We are all different, cannot predict everything at once and sometimes we are sure that we don`t need any help in the form of literature, talking about relationships. But there is always a need and we should not be embarrassed to use help.

  7. “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks
  8. Definitely a story to remember which makes you believe in true unbreakable feelings of devotion of two hearts. Everything is possible, experience that you never forget, won`t leave anyone starting from a teenager to a grandparent untouched. This story sends a very important message to the world. Would like to share a romantic evening with your loved one? A movie directed after a book is what you can enjoy and that can touch your soul.

No matter which book you choose to read, it makes you special!