“Will you marry me?” Asking this simple question turns out to be not such a simple task. So how can you make this moment special and the one to remember? In this article, you will read about good and bad ways to ask your lady to marry you.

Dos of asking a girl to marry you

  • Talk about your possible family life

Before giving your lady an engagement ring and asking her to marry you, talk about how you imagine your family life. Make sure that you both have similar opinion about what a marriage must be like, for example, if you both want to have children.

  • Make her a surprise

In spite of the fact that you may have already discussed your family life and have made a pre-proposal, without giving an engagement ring, the moment you will officially ask her to marry you, must be a sheer surprise. Choose the moment when she is not waiting for such a step from you.

  • Find a suitable engagement ring

The most important point is to choose the right engagement ring. Remember that your better half will have to wear it. It will be good if you go past the jewelry shop window and ask what she likes or try to guess yourself from a conversation. You can also ask her mother or friend to help you choose the ring.

  • Find out if she wants to choose the engagement ring herself

Of course, most of future brides will be happy to get the ring together with your proposal. However, some girls are very thorough in choosing the jewelry and will want to choose the engagement ring themselves. So, if you know, that your girl is one of these ladies, offer her to choose the engagement ring together and she will be the happiest woman ever.

  • Talk to her parents

Although the times when a girl was considered to be her parents’ property and to marry her a man had to get the father’s agreement have gone, there is still something touching and respectful in asking your better half’s parents to bless your marriage. (Of course if you get on well with them).  

  • Choose a special place

Remember the most romantic places you know, and choose the most special to ask the most important question of your life. It could be the place where you met, or the place of your first date, or a beautiful meadow in the forest, or you can take HER to Paris. But do not ask her this question in the supermarket!

will you marry me

  • Be creative

Use some special features of your character, favorite clothes, food, etc. Let your proposal be the one to remember.

  • Stand on your knee

Yes, you are right and it is not 1950s, however it is so charming and romantic when a man stands on one knee and asks the love of his life to marry him. No matter how modern you are, this will add charm and seriousness to your proposal. And all the girls are very romantic creatures who will appreciate your move.

  • Tell her why you want to marry her

Do not just hum five key words, but tell her that she is the only one, how she has changed you and your life, for example: “My life has changed dramatically since I met you. I have become kinder, more calm and serious. I cannot imagine how I have managed to live without you; I want you to be with me all the time. Will you marry me?”

  • Share the news

Of course, leave yourselves some time to celebrate the event together, and then inform your relatives and friends by phone or face to face.


If you do not want to spoil your proposal, never do the following things:

  • don’t turn your proposal into a show, especially if your woman is shy by character;
  • do not put the engagement ring into the food if you do not want your romantic dinner to finish at the dentist’s;
  • do not ask her to marry you at sports games or competitions, since SHE will be focused on the game and it will be difficult to turn her attention to such an important moment as a proposal;
  • do not ask her to marry you in front of the whole family, which will bring you more stress;
  • do not make it too complicated not to worry if the limo will come on time before the balloon takes off;
  • do not ask her to marry immediately after your acquaintance not to make silly things;
  • do not expect that she will say “yes” immediately and if your lady says she needs time to think, accept it in a proper way and leave her some time.

Apart from these dos and don’ts there exist special rules and etiquette of making a proposal. So if you are really determined to make this serious step and connect your life with the woman who is next to you, read our next article to learn how to propose in a proper way.