It is not big news that dating online is a popular trend nowadays. A lot of men and women spend much time looking for their destiny on the Internet and free dating sites are eager to help them. Indeed, why not use such an opportunity? You do not need to pay a penny, you do not need to go and look for that special man or woman, and, of course, you can do without buying flowers, candies and presents. Moreover, you can look at the photos and the information submitted by the users of the site, choose  the ones you like and date several people at the same time.  However, why do many people are against using free dating sites? Maybe it is not such a good idea? Let us look at a couple of downsides of free dating services.

There was a time in my life when I decided that men, who were beside me did not deserve such a lady. I did not have much time for going on dates or making an impression on somebody to like me. So, my choice fell on several free dating sites which promised to help me find my happiness. Site «A» was a Ukrainian dating service and site «B» offered me to look for a future husband outside Ukraine. After I had finished the process of filling in different forms and downloading my best photos, the most interesting part of my online dating began.

The first thing I cannot help mentioning is that since the very beginning I received a great number of fans, who did not stop writing how beautiful I was and kept on sending me virtual presents and flowers. I was so happy! However, the time passed, but none of the men I was writing with wanted to meet in reality. Of course they wrote they wanted to see me, but something went wrong and they did not have a chance to come and see me. What? How can it be? People were telling me that they wanted to hug me and kiss, but they did not want to make their dream come true… This is when I came to the first downside of free dating sites, and, I am almost sure, in any kind of online relationship: you can date a person for some time online, but you cannot be a hundred percent sure that your relationship will go beyond a computer screen. Maybe, for someone it is good, but as for me, I want a real family and a real man beside me.

I was upset that no one wanted to meet in reality, still, I decided not to give up and went on using these free dating sites. And one day I was lucky to get acquainted with a man of my dream. He did not have a photo, though, however everything he wrote to me seemed so romantic and what-else-do-you-need, woman? Our affair lasted for about a week and finally we agreed to meet. I came to the place on which we had agreed and… I was startled when I saw a woman sitting at my and Mr. Perfect’s table. I came up to her to find out if she had mistaken her table with ours, but during our conversation I understood that she was HIM… Fortunately, she did not try to push on me, she just said she liked me a lot because we had a lot in common and offered to try to build a relationship. But I had to disappoint her because I was determined to find a man for myself. So, after this incident I decided to come back to a usual search of my soulmate.

Of course, I believe that there are some cases when people find their true love through free dating sites, however, if you need a helping hand with settling up your personal life, I will definitely advise you to address either a matchmaking agency or a dating service, for using which you have to pay some fees, where they check the information about the clients and you will never get into such a trouble as I did.