Scam… this is probably the most unpleasant word for a man, who has decided to find himself a wife on one of numerous dating sites. Let us try to understand if a girl you are writing to is a scammer.

To tell you the truth, it can be quite difficult to spot a scammer through writing; still psychologists say that if a person is lying, they will reveal themselves sooner or later.

What has to make you feel alarmed?

If you are using an online chat, pay attention to timing. This is the first thing that can help you spot a scammer. If after one of your questions the woman makes a pause, she may be trying to escape telling you the truth and is making up some lies. However, and this is very important, she may have just left her computer for some time because the phone rang or there was some other reason which interrupted her communication with you. That is why, do not hurry to accuse her of scamming. Try to find out the reason why she did not answer. Still, if the woman keeps on delaying her answers all the time, you must be alarmed.

Another way to spot a scammer is to look at details. If the woman tells you about some doubtful fact and refuses to tell you all the details, beware… she may be trying to fool you. However, the topic you have raised may be just hurtful for her and she may just be unwilling to discuss it. Therefore, again, do not act rashly and try to learn more about her.  

A good way to spot a scammer is to ask for her mobile phone number. Of course, you must not be harsh, try to tell her that you would like to hear her voice at least once a day. If the woman is not serious, she will makes something up not to tell you her phone number and you will probably never see her online any more.

Another sign that the woman you are writing to is a scammer is that she can communicate only at weekdays, especially from 9 to 18.00. Do you smell a rat? Why cannot she communicate at the weekend? She does not have internet connection at home? I doubt it. Nowadays we all have gadgets with internet access, which is why it is very likely that she spends her week end with her boyfriend or husband.   

Another sign that can help you spot a scammer is impersonal letters. If you hardly ever see your name in them, you may be one of several men she writes to. Therefore, not to mix up the names, she calls you “darling”, or just writes something general to be able to send it to each of her victims.

If you want to find yourself a woman for serious relationship, never throw yourself at those, who send you pictures in bikinis. I hope you understand that a girl who wants to find true love will display all her charms in the first letter.

Finally, trust your intuition. If you are communicating with a woman and you have no doubts about her intentions, it is very likely that she is sincere. Everyone has this sixth sense, which will never lie to you. Your intuition will never wake up without a reason. However, if you have some doubts about the girl and your intuition is trying to tell you there is something wrong with her out of a sudden, stop for a moment, try to relax and sort out your brain. If you do like the girl, do not take rash actions because your happiness may slip out of your hands.