Main female body language signs she likes you

Most of the time we communicate with each other in a non-verbal way. It happens just naturally, sometimes we even don`t notice and do it unconsciously. For example, the most common non-verbal movement everyone knows about is when during a conversation with a man, a lady crosses hands and legs. Such action means she is uncomfortable with the interlocutor or doesn`t want to share information with them. But how to know if a girl likes you?

Believe it or not, there are a number of physical signs a woman is interested in you. Learning them it is possible to be all-armed as you will know how to interpret the female signals in an appropriate way.

Eye contact. This is one of the main female tools used for flirting. Imagine: you just enter a bar and feel a lady looking at you from the other corner of the bar; she is definitely checking you out. Meeting the gaze means she doesn`t mind getting acquainted with you. If she is looking at you smiling, leave all your doubts behind and introduce yourself to the lass. Keep looking in the girl’s eyes during the date; if you notice her pupils are getting bigger and brighter and she is raising eyebrows, the chick is attracted to you.

However, sometimes the reason for it can be a glass of wine so you should be careful interpreting what you see.

Playing with hair. If you notice that your date is playing with her hair during the dinner, stroking and touching it, twirling a lock of the hair around the finger, don’t ask yourself “does she like me?” Definitely, she is flirting with you and wants to look prettier in your eyes.

On the other hand, she might want to restyle hair or needs to fix it after windy weather.

Biting or licking the lips. It`s very sexy and, of course, one of the signs that a girl likes you. Just imagine, you meet a woman in the bar, you are having drinks, chatting and suddenly, she starts to bite her bottom lip or lick the top one. Lucky you! She desires to be kissed by you. Take your chance.

Or… She might just have dry lips and forgot the moisturizing lipstick at home.

Blushing. When a lass is physically attracted to a man she tends to blush. This is one of the uncontrolled signs of a girl liking you. If your date is blushing, something is going right and you are pushing on the right bottoms in flirting: compliments or unexpected touches, a long eye contact.

Still, she can blush because of the high temperature in the room or because of feeling shy and embarrassed with your intimate conversation.

Flirting voice. How to know when a girl likes you? Pay attention to the voice. If a lady is attracted to a man and is flirting with him, her voice will change unconsciously and become softer and quieter; like that of a little child.

Interestingly… Some ladies just have such a manner of speaking all the time.

Mirror effect. The body language of women is sophisticated. Just think of it! When your date starts to repeat your movements (you take a sip of wine and she does the same right after you, or you put your hand on the table and she puts hers as well), the girl wants to engage you.

Though, sometimes, the foxy can do it on purpose to make you feel more comfortable and become her prey. So, be careful interpreting female body language signs of attraction. 😉

Flaring the nostrils. This is another uncontrollable action female organism makes seeing the man its mistress desires.

However, this signal is a bit tricky because women can flare their nostrils when they become angry too.

Touching you. A woman only touches a man she is comfortable with.

Is it proof of attraction? Who knows… At least she is comfortable with you.

Laughing at all your jokes. It seems you have a good sense of humor or she likes you a lot.

Fiddling with the jewelry. Twisting rings or a bracelet, touching the necklace points out she doesn`t mind getting to know you better.

Or… Maybe she wants you to notice her engagement ring.

Finally, I do believe that your question “what are the signs of attraction?” has received the answer. Still, decoding the signals sent to you is not always about liking… And I am ready to give you some extra hints on understanding what you see looking at your girlfriend.

  • Hands on hips. Being ready to act.
  • Worried voice. Raising voice your girlfriend is saying everything is fine? It’s about time you checked what’s the catch. She is likely to be really disappointed with something.
  • Waving hands actively. She likes the man and is trying to capture his attention.
  • Reaching out to you. It is a gesture of apology and reconciliation.
  • Walking about in a loud manner and slamming the door. You are in trouble. You definitely have psyched the lady out. It’s no good. Even if it is not your fault, anyone at hand could be punished.
  • Your girlfriend’s eyes are flashing with anger and she is clearly paler than usual. No matter what has happened, stay out of the way. Everything is quite obvious.
  • The lady is holding herself by the shoulders. Such a gesture appears at the moments of vulnerability. Her feelings might have been hurt…
  • Making a fuss, not being able to sit still. There is a chance your dear is hiding something and is afraid of being exposed.
  • Lips pressed together. The sign of unpleasant or dangerous thoughts. It’s high time you let your beloved vent.
  • Avoiding eye contact. A wish to keep something secret.
  • Arms crossed. Not accepting or not believing what you are saying.
  • Turning around and leaving during the conversation. Doesn’t want to hear what you are saying. VERY dangerous.

Usually, we, female creatures, tend to hide our true feelings when we are disappointed or frustrated. Therefore, if you feel your life partner’s words are not sincere, just look at her body signals.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.