Finding a Ukrainian Wife – Is it easy?

How to find a Ukrainian wife? Is it very difficult? We hear this question quite often. Do you want to know what the first answer coming to my mind is? It is possible, however, whether you will find it painstaking or not, depends only on you!

To begin with, it is desirable to picture why you need marriage, and after that, it will be clear not only how to find a wife in Ukraine, but also what kind of a girl could make a good partner for YOU.

So, going through numerous profiles of beautiful women of Ukraine you might get too deep into looking for a beauty queen, still, my duty is to remind you that while discussing relationships appearance and sexual attractiveness do matter, but it is not enough to have only them as not every beauty queen is suitable for the role of your spouse.

Therefore, before giving you some hints on where and how to get a Ukrainian wife, I offer you to look at the list of qualities an ideal lady-of-the-heart should possess.

  1. Openness. She does not hide her feelings, is ready for a dialogue and solving problems bothering her. She talks about herself but is also able to listen to her man.
  2. Tolerance. There are no ideal people: everyone has their own shortcomings, habits developed over the years. It is important that a woman accepts another person, her husband, as he is, and does not try to remake, re-educate him.
  3. Thriftiness. Every girl should provide her man with a reliable rear – be able to turn the house into a place where he can relax and rest. (But here it all depends on your preferences. If you think that a lady is needed not for housekeeping, you are ready to do the housework yourself or pay for the housekeeper, the thrift factor does not play a significant role).
  4. Adequacy. She is reasonable, not selfish, the motives of her actions are clear.
  5. Emotional stability. Unrestrained character, lack of restraint in expressing emotions can be attractive during courtship, but it is worth paying attention to. An exception is if you yourself are looking for a marriage fired with passion and life to the one on a volcano.
  6. Wisdom and flexibility. A wise lady won’t manipulate, play on the feelings of her man in order to achieve recognition of her innocence, or ask material confirmation of his love, etc. She knows how not to let disagreements become conflicts; she is ready to compromise.
  7. Reliability, honesty, loyalty. The life principles of a married couple must coincide. A man should be confident in his woman and know that she won’t deceive or betray.
  8. Ability to support. Anything can happen in life: there will be periods when something goes wrong. You can lose your job, money, reputation, health, stability. At this moment, your partner can help to overcome difficulties with her understanding and empathy.
  9. Mental maturity. For a while, you can be touched, and amused by your girl’s infantile behavior, but over time, the unwillingness for a serious relationship will begin to irritate.
  10. Intelligence, education. If all of a woman’s interests lie in the discussions of the latest fashion trends and posts on social networks, it is unlikely that you could have common topics for conversation.
  11. Matching types of temperament. Two choleric people cannot get along with each other, but a choleric person can make an ideal couple with a phlegmatic person.

Of course, this is a basic set of qualities, and not every girl in Ukraine might have all of them. Determine what is most important to you and what you are willing to accept, and then start your search.

The main advice all psychologists give to guys hoping to find their destiny is not to invent any unusual places where SHE is hiding. Everything is quite simple.

Firstly, many find their love at work by looking closely at colleagues – you communicate with them most often. It is desirable that these were not bosses or subordinates. And don’t forget: open flirting in the workplace is unacceptable. Perhaps you often meet with her in the elevator of the business center, or it is an employee of the related department. Invite her for a cup of coffee, talk. This does not oblige you to anything, but it will allow you to continue communication after work.

Another thing to do is to tell all your friends that you are looking for a life partner. Do not hesitate, they and their GFs will be happy to help you: many couples have met thanks to their friends.

Remember your old acquaintances – classmates, groupmates from University: the object of your childhood love might also be in search of a life partner.

You could try to meet your soulmate at friends’ weddings. Surely there are unmarried girls among the bridesmaids, and the setting for the birth of a new family is the best way to meet.

Do not discount the idea to find a wife online or through a matchmaking agency. According to statistics, about a third of marriages were born as a result of virtual communication, which is a great option for shy, introverted people. But you need to be prepared for the fact that nothing will work out on the first or even on the tenth attempt – most likely, it may take time to meet a suitable woman.

While studying the profile you should be primarily interested in a woman’s marital status and the purpose of dating. Do not delay meeting in real life: if you correspond for a long time, the fear of leaving the virtual space will grow. In addition, the longer you communicate on the Internet, the more “colors” your imagination could add to the image of the chosen one. And fantasies can be very different from reality, and then disappointment at a meeting cannot be avoided.

I do believe I have managed to give you some help with my brief guide. Good luck.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.