First date etiquette

Etiquette for dating changes rapidly over time, but being able to respect each other and surrounding people is the most important part of it, especially when a man and a woman have the premier evening out. It is not only an exciting event but also an opportunity to get to know each other and gain trust. You can show yourself to be an interesting, pleasant person. Or discourage the desire to communicate with you. Basic rules of conduct and good manners will help you to be on top.

A romantic rendezvous is often associated with a special list of things to be done. Not long ago the initiative in relationships belonged to gentlemen. Still, according to modern date etiquette, a lady can make the initial step and invite a guy she likes to dinner.

The place as well as the reason must be neutral, or you will come across as a tactless and tasteless person.

It is not ethical if men are late, while girls are allowed to come 5-10 minutes later. However, it does not look good either.

The first date greeting in a public place could be in the form of a kiss on the cheek. Both in the old days and in modern life, a kiss on the hand demonstrates the gallantry of a man and his respect for a lady.

Inviting to a restaurant, cinema or theatre supposes that the gentleman pays the bill as his wish to pay is always welcome. Moreover, according to the rules the one who invites always pays. Still, if a woman decides to pay, she should do it, and it is not ethical to insist on showing how generous you are.

Dating manners for men will not be full without being a gentleman and opening the door to let a lady get in, giving her a hand to help get out of the car. Having entered the restaurant, HE leads the way and SHE chooses the table. When the table is chosen, it is necessary to help the woman take the coat off and push her chair.

It is too formal to sit opposite each other; it is better to sit beside. The order to a waiter could be made both by a dame or a gentleman; however, SHE speaks first. In case the lady decides to leave the table, a gentleman has to stand up too.

Turn off the phone not to interrupt the conversation and do not put it on the table either. Being able to communicate tactfully is another advice on how to have a successful date. Your conversation has to be conducted in a form of dialogue according to the next scheme: phrase + question + answer + comment + question. You should be careful and avoid topics like politics, religion, sport (if you support different teams), bad news (terrorist attacks, etc), your ex-relationship, marriage, and so on. On the other hand, it is quite reasonable to ask each other about marital status.

Is it appropriate to give flowers at the primary rendezvous? Absolutely yes! Moreover, women expect such signs of attention and they help the courtship process. Let it be a small bouquet of specially selected flowers, preferably her favorite ones. You could prepare a classic bouquet of roses or go creative and choose compositions of lilies of the valley, lilacs, tulips, or daisies.

Speaking of the presents, they are pertinent to the initial romantic dinner. Still, they should not be personal like jewelry, perfume, furs, underwear, or stockings. You will have a chance to give all of these later when you become close people. Presenting an expensive gift could make your dame feel uncomfortable and spoil the whole impression of you.

How to end the first date?

To begin with, your initial evening out should not be longer than 2-3 hours. At the end of it, the man should give the lady a lift home, or escort to the door of the apartment, to make sure she is all right. If he cannot walk her to the door, he calls a taxi and pays the fare. After that, he should call her and make sure everything is alright.

Finally, being good-mannered people, you have to thank each other for a great time at the end of the evening.

I do hope I have been of help to you. Good luck.

Valeriia Matskevich With Love.