Going on a first date it is natural to have a wish to make a good impression on a woman. So, if you want to succeed in it, you must prepare and do some work not to look foolish. The first date is a meeting during which people communicate with the main aim – to learn more   about each other. However, it is not as simple as it may seem. The first date is a process, which consists of the following details: questions, answers, emotions and neutral conversation.

Questions are the most important part of the first date because they move and direct the dialogue. It is forbidden to ask something without having thought it over, since you can confuse your lady asking a tactless question and spoil her first impression of you.

That is why a very important question to be answered is: which questions must not be asked at the first date? Actually, there is a great number of them, but we will look at the most widespread ones.

  1. How are you doing? It seems to be quite a harmless question, however it does not hint on the development of the conversation. It is a formal question usually asked in hope to start a conversation; however it is banal and unoriginal. The answer to it is always the same «It’s OK». Any other questions?
  2. So, where shall we go? Usually a man must plan where to go with his date: cinema, restaurant, etc. However, you cannot eat endlessly and the film ends in a couple of hours. And then the question arises: where shall we go next? It is better to silently ask it to yourself and say some interesting ideas aloud. You must definitely forget such questions like «Shall we go to your place or mine?» or «Let’s go to my place, shall we?» Asking them you can frighten your lady away.
  3. Tell me about yourself.  What do you do? Unfortunately not every woman can boast having lots of interests and teeming activity. I work as a… I spend time doing… And then it is like a lump in her throat…That is because a too direct question can puzzle your date. You must learn to get to know a woman during the conversation without asking direct and banal questions.
  4. What kind of men do you like? If you are having a date, doesn’t it mean that you are in the category of men she likes? You can learn more details as time passes. Do not precipitate the events. No woman will admit that she likes muscular blue-eyed brunette, if you look different. Do you think you will tell a brunette you are dating that you like blondies?
  5. How old are you? Everyone knows that it is tactless to ask a woman such a question. Moreover, if your matchmaker has organized your date, you already know the answer! If not, do not ask her because very soon you will learn the answer naturally. Is this information really important to you?
  6. Why are you asking? (replying to a question) If a woman asks you the question, your answer is important and interesting to her. She is trying to learn more about you. And asking such a counter question is like putting sticks in the wheels.
  7. Can I kiss you? You must not ask a permission to kiss a girl. Look for the signs that show you can do it. If she turns away from you, it is not the best time. Look into her eyes and you will understand if you can kiss her or not. So, you just have to be more daring.
  8. What do you think about me? It is very tactless to ask such a question at the first date. You will learn it during your communication. Your girl’s behavior will tell you whether she likes you or not. However, if you ask such a question, you can get disappointed if she answers « You are OK.», instead of «You are great.»

You may think it is obvious that most of the listed questions are tactless. However, very often they slip from our tongue out of a sudden. Some of the questions can be harmless, while other can cause confusion, irritation or disappointment that will not do good to the development of your relationship. So, going on the first date think carefully about what you will say and act thoughtfully.

From Valeria, with love)