Have you ever heard about the gallery of single Ukrainian women? I am sure, you have. Even if you think you do not know what it is, you have come across it while surfing the Internet. So, the gallery of women is actually a gallery of pictures on free dating sites. Men, who are trying to find their love on the Internet, use it quite often. However,  not many of them succeed in the end. Why? Why should one avoid such galleries of single Ukrainian women?

The first reason is, of course, that you have no guarantees. When you go through packs of photos how can you be sure which are the real ones? It is quite a usual practice for women to change their photos with the help of Photoshop. Moreover, many of the girls, who use such sites, can upload photos of absolutely different people. That is why, for example, after on-line dating with some single Ukrainian women, you are not likely to meet them in real life. Or, even if you meet them, you may be unpleasantly surprised.

The second reason, why I would personally not recommend anyone to fall for the galleries of single Ukrainian women, is that you cannot know what the reasons for their using the site are. To prove my words, I can tell you about an acquaintance of mine. Let us call her Mary. One day she decided to find herself a boyfriend through the Internet.  Having googled through several sites, she learned that there were special sites where foreign men try to find themselves a wife. She was not very keen on family life, but she really wanted to find a foreign man who could give her valuable presents. Being a determined woman, she registered at several sites and, guess what? She was dating online several men at the same time. Some of them sent her flowers, chocolate and even jewellery. And do you know what? When they asked her to meet, she said she had not time, or was very busy. Of course, she “wanted” to see them, but… they have never met each other.

If you are in search for single Ukrainian ladies, you can try going through galleries of pictures on free dating sites, but… the only thing you will get is communicating with a photo. If you try to find out the girl’s address or hear her voice, you will definitely have to pay for it. As far as I know, the girls are not allowed to leave their personal data on the site. This is surely done for the sake of safety, since not all the girls using free dating are scammers. Some of them truly want to find a good man, but… I also know some cases when, after giving their personal data, my friends were persecuted by men. Some of the men really liked them and were too active trying to establish connection, other were real perverts and sent really indecent offers on their phones.

To finish my list of reasons for avoiding the gallery of single Ukrainian women I want to tell you my story of being one of these women, which will prove that such services are not secure.

I created my profile, added the best pictures and one day a man started writing to me. I saw his pictures, read his profile information and thought there could be a chance for us. We communicated for some time and  even started discussing some intimate topics. One day our conversation went on the topic of relationship between people of the same sex and I was stunned when my man, wrote me that he was a woman. Yes… it turned out that all this time I had been planning to build a family with another woman… She said she liked me a lot and offered different ways out, but, of course, I did not agree. I was polite enough to explain her the reasons for my refusal and we decided to say good bye to each other and continue our search. And this is when I decided to leave this gallery and never to use it again. Therefore, my advice is to use only safe services, at least the ones that check their clients.