Love messages have been one of the ways to start and keep the relationship since the times immemorial. This is how husbands and wives, secret lovers or the engaged couple kept in touch when they were away from each other. And that is why our ancestors knew how to make a woman fall in love through love messages. Just remember the famous love letters by Mozart, Balzac, Pushkin or some other famous men. It is enough to read their letters to fall in love even without seeing the man who has written such wonderful words. So, if you want to impress a girl and make her fall in love through writing to her, you will find this article extremely helpful.

Here are 8 golden rules to follow for those who want to win a woman’s heart by sending love messages to her.

  1. Write correctly. Spelling, grammar and other mistakes will spoil the impression of you. However, if a woman is not so good at writing either, you still have a good chance to make her like you.
  2. Do not turn your love messages into routine. Please, do not write about your going to the dentist in detail, buying yourself some underwear or doing repairs at home. Believe me, SHE has enough of this in her own life. A woman wants some romance from you, so give it to her.
  3. Tell only about your good sides. From your letters a girl must understand that you are the cleverest, the most caring, safe, romantic, funny, kind guy. Exactly the one she is looking for.
  4. Don’t be afraid to joke. We, girls, love witty men. However, keep in mind that we like smart jokes and cannot stand vulgar and trifling jokes.
  5. Ask a girl about her life and be attentive to her problems. Most of us, ladies, love to be cared about and tell about ourselves.
  6. Do not be repetitive in your love messages, or your lady will think that you have no imagination.
  7. Be natural. Do not ever try to be someone you are not in reality. If you are not a macho or a philosopher, do not make a girl believe you are one because when you meet, she will immediately understand that you have lied to her.
  8. Always be resolute and don’t be afraid to show the initiative.

In case you want to make your writings more influential, use some lines from poems in the end, images (if you can draw, draw something) or just find a picture with an amazing view on the Internet and send to the girl. Do not forget about compliments, but make sure they are not banal or vulgar.

Having gone through the “dos” in love messages, let us quickly look at what you must not do if you want to establish relationship with the girl.

  1. Tell lies. Do not tell the girl you are rich or that you have performed some exploits if it is not true. However, if you intend to only have fun, lie as much as you want to, but if you want something serious, be honest and tell who you are and what you do.
  2. Tell the girl you love her in the very first letter. She will think you are crazy, you are joking or lying and will not want to communicate with you.
  3. Agree with everything and make promises you will not be able to keep. Remember that you are a man, even if you are in love and are trying to win the girl’s heart, but you are still a man, not a doormat to clean your shoes at.
  4. Write vulgar things, at least while you are in the beginning of your relationships. Since, if in the second letter you ask the girl what she is wearing and start describing how you are undressing her or what you want to do with her, she will send you home.
  5. Be obtrusive. Do not send HER hundreds of messages asking why she hasn’t answered yet or where she had been so late the other day. Such things are typical to be asked by a husband, but not by a pen-partner.

So, if you follow these rules, your love messages will definitely help you to make a girl like you through letters. Good luck!