Good ideas for the second date

As a professional matchmaker with more than a decade of practical experience in introducing singles with different backgrounds, romantic aspirations, and understanding of love and relationships I have heard thousands of feedback on why singles liked each other or why they do not want to give this acquaintance a chance. Of course, everyone has his own triggers, expectations, and turns-off when it comes to romance and attraction.

In this article, we will talk about very unique and romantic international dating. Though all the second date ideas for guys are applicable to local introductions as well.

It is not a secret the first meeting is 95% about looks. Two people see each other face to face and they try to compare if the person in front of them actually looks like his profile photos. If they don’t then the other party will feel deceived and disappointed so never use old or too adjusted photos in your profile. Guys often lie about their height and age while women often lie about their weight. This is not cool! Don’t do that! Starting a romantic acquaintance with lies is always a bad strategy.

Anyway, you have met each other, and she looks even better than her pictures, you like her laugh, and she seems optimistic and polite, she is also not repulsed or disappointed, so you start planning to go out again.

The question is what is a good second date?

It should be a confirmation of the great first impression that you have got during your first meeting. If we are talking about courting a Ukrainian lady, then I assume your first meeting was going out for dinner or lunch. At least that’s what we recommend to our clients based on years of our experience. So where to go for the second date? If the weather is appropriate, you can actually plan a walk in a park or downtown. If you are meeting in Ukraine and you are basically a tourist, then you can suggest a lady showing you her favorite part of the city. You can mix your walk with a not very long excursion. Just don’t plan long boat excursions yet because you can’t be sure if the lady is seasick.

What other second date activities are possible? After or during your walk plan to have lunch or coffee, do more talking, and hopefully – laughing and joking. We do not recommend planning movie nights just yet since you won’t get a chance to do lots of talking and usually a Ukrainian girl is not yet comfortable enough to hug or hold hands in the movie. Also, we do not recommend turning your second meeting into a marathon – when you have brunch, then walk through the whole city center and end up having dinner together. It can work for some exceptional couples. One couple whom we introduced several years ago actually met for lunch. The gentleman was from Istanbul and since he was worried about his English skills, he brought his own Turkish interpreter with him. The lady was Ukrainian. Their first date lasted 12 hours! We had to change the interpreter because a poor Turkish interpreter was very tired after 6 hours, so our Turkish interpreter had to step in. This our client did not have problems where to take a girl on a second date. Again, they have started with lunch that has evolved into a walk in the park, dinner, and cocktails in a fancy bar until it was closed! Museums, excursions, theater, or movies – this couple had little interest in these. It seemed all they needed was good food and the company of each other. This scenario of course won’t work for everyone. The majority of men and women will be too overwhelmed with 5+ hours spent together with a new person – a stranger – flirting and trying to make a great first impression.

So don’t try to artificially prolong your time together. 3-4 hours is more than enough. It is better to start slowly and to gradually prolong your time together without making the other party uncomfortable or stressed. Leave some topics to discuss next time you see each other. Do not give too much information at once.

What places to go on a second date do we usually recommend to our clients? We prefer it when the second meeting is more active than the first one. A stroll in the park and a ride on the Ferris Wheel or a small white boat in the park when a gentleman is rowing, then coffee or lunch break is always a good idea during a sunny spring or summer day.

If you are meeting during the working week in the evening – then do dinner again. A lady will be tired after a long day at work and talking her out to go bowling or ice-skating is not the best idea. The same applies if you are meeting during her break for lunch. Then lunch it should be, because come on, she will be hungry, and this is the time that she usually has her meal.

If you are meeting on Friday night or during the weekend – then bowling if it is something a lady likes is a good idea. You will talk and laugh while playing. Just make sure she knows what the plans for the evening are and doesn’t show up at a bowling place wearing her best dress and glamorous make-up. She will feel extremely uncomfortable and overdressed. Ice-skating can be a great idea too because it offers you a legitimate excuse to hold her hand. It is very romantic. If we are talking about Christmas time then you can check the Christmas fair and have some hot chocolate or mulled wine after the skating rink.

Let’s discuss other fun second-date ideas.

Some of our clients really enjoy taking cooking classes or any arts and crafts classes. We wouldn’t recommend dancing classes though because it can be too intimate for the second meeting. A lady can feel that you are trying to find an excuse to put your hands on her. Wait till your date number 4 or 5 with a dancing class.

You can also choose a restaurant or bar with live music but then make sure that you plan a stroll before or after that to do some talking.

Other cute second-date ideas that we have witnessed over the years.

One of our male clients has taken his now-wife to a private floristic class right at the flower’s boutique. They had some sparkling wine and listened to an interesting lecture about the meaning of flowers in different cultures. Then together they have created a special bouquet keeping in mind the meaning of every flower they have added. Of course, after the class, the lady had taken that bouquet home. She said it was the best second date she has ever been to and after it, ideas of how they will decorate their future home together or a venue for their wedding were randomly popping up in her head the whole evening! The takeaway from this story is – be creative and think outside of the box!

Also, timing is very important! Attending a masterclass can be great during the weekend and not after a stressful day in the office when you just want to have a cozy relaxing time and not create a Christmas decoration with your hands or learn how to cook lasagna.

Another of our clients – a young programmer from the USA – always came up with non-cliche date ideas. For example, a special excursion with a professional photographer during which all participants will learn the basics of how to take beautiful photos and will actually practice taking them while discovering unusual camera-friendly places in the city. At the end of this tour, the best photos were printed as a cute memory. After that, they had lunch at a new very unusual Chinese place which he had found on TripAdvisor right by the art museum that they had agreed to visit the next day.

If you still can’t figure things to do on a second date you can just google the area and come up with a shortlist of 2 or 3 activities and suggest the lady choose. Then you will know for sure if attending a military museum is something she wants to do or if she likes visiting zoos (many people find them cruel), or perhaps she prefers a classical lunch or dinner.

The whole idea is to get to know each other while having fun in romantic settings. Pay attention to your partner – is she enjoying spending time with you? Is she having fun? Does she laugh? Pay attention to the body language of the lady. Also, pay attention to the questions she is asking and things she is sharing about herself.

We wish you lots of romance and positive emotions with the right woman by your side!