So you are lucky to meet a woman you like and you want to have the second date with her. How to make it perfect? In this article we will try to give you a couple of hints.

First of all, choose the right place for the second date. It is very important to choose more than one place because during the date it is better to make at least one change of the setting. But best of all is to go to three different places.

Keep in mind that there can be defined three types of places to go to, depending on the opportunity to communicate with your lady:

  1. Active – there the main activity is talking to a girl (restaurants, parks, picnics, some romantic places of the city, etc).
  2. Mixed – there you do something else, apart from talking (play bowling for example), but you still have a chance to communicate freely. (skating rink, ski slope, amusement park, bowling, billiards, horse riding, etc.)
  3. Passive – there you are involved into some action which leaves you little time for communication. (cinema, theatre, circus).

If you choose a skating rink as a place for the second date, it is very important for you to be good at skating. If you have never skated before, it can give you some negative points in the girl’s eyes.

There is one rule – you must know the place where you are going. (Your matchmaker can help you with this). And it is better to choose at least five places to go to. So, even if you do not have a chance to visit all of them, you will know where to spend the next date.

Why is it important to change places? If you want to get closer to your lady, you must give her the more emotions the better. Each new place you visit is another coin in your woman’s «piggy bank of emotions».

You can combine the places for the second date in any way you can think of. For example, you can start your date at the skating rink. After that you go to a restaurant to get warm. And you finish your date at a romantic place like the roof of a house, from which you can see the whole city.

Of course, you have to plan your date beforehand and start it not too late, at least at 18.00, since good communication can last long.

In case the communication with your girl is not going on the way you want to for some unknown reasons, do not get depressed. Just change the place from one group to another. For example, if you were in a cafe, go to play bowling, or vice versa. A new place will give you new emotions.

So, the main tasks for the second date are the following:

  1. Change several places.
  2. Give your woman new emotions.
  3. Keep interesting communication going.
  4. Try to touch your woman more often. For example, while telling her something emotional, touch her  «unintentionally». Do not be afraid of that because if you do not touch your lady, she will think of you as a friend.

And finally, in any situation be yourself. Do not try to pretend or act in the way you would never do in a different situation with a different person. In that case both you and your lady will be satisfied with your evening and will look forward to your next meeting.