Guide to Getting Engaged

He was afraid too. But he also understood
that if they did not take this step together,
they would have to go further alone.
Until the end of their lives,
because nothing like this will ever happen to them,
and they will not agree to get less …

Making a proposal is one of the most exciting and thrilling moments in life. It is quite natural that you are very worried in such a situation, trying to organize everything perfectly to the smallest detail. However, there is no universal ideal way to propose. Therefore, thinking about the best ways to get engaged focus on arranging the event in a way that matches your partner’s personality. Then practice your speech and calm your nerves to truly enjoy the moment!

  1. Find out what the girl was dreaming about. You are her chosen one, “a prince on a white horse”, if you like, and even if she is a serious lady, deep down she is dreaming of getting engaged like in a movie. So, be attentive and notice the comments she makes while watching romantic films and ask her friends.
  2. Decide where, when to get engaged, and how you should propose. Study the weather forecast in order not to get into the rain, hail, and other twists and turns.
  3. Let your beloved be beautiful the day. Even at the top of the mountain, give her a minute to make herself presentable. And only when she has done it, speak!
  4. Prepare the words for the speech in advance. What can you tell your dear? What really matters? Why is she the one? How to propose to a girl? Say a few words about the feelings, choose epithets (descriptions) that are appropriate in your case, love may be casual, long-lasting, quiet, or even explosive. Tell the lady what she means in your life, why you have decided to propose, thank, and kiss her. You can write all the words in a letter and read.
  5. Think of several ways to get engaged. Choose several scenarios for the day on which you want to propose. Review them. Pick one. It is better to write the script down to the smallest detail.
  6. Take good care of how to get engaged. Consider the organization carefully. All the little things must be thought out. You need to gather a team of like-minded people from the lady’s immediate environment in order to know about her routes, places she visits often, and plan a surprise.
  7. Buy a ring in advance. She can tell you what she wants herself, just listen carefully. In case it does not go this way, ask the GF’s friends or mother to help you. Give preference to a ring with one large stone. It is an engagement classic.
  8. Flowers. Flowers are a must! This is a holy rule. If she is allergic, order silk flowers.
  9. Knee. When in doubt to bow or not, bow. There is nothing more romantic. By the way, according to etiquette, it is necessary to do the right knee.
  10. Provide beautiful photos and videos for your future wife to show off to all the friends. Believe me, it is almost as important as the fact of the proposal itself.

So, in my opinion, having read our list of advice you are absolutely ready to make such a serious step. However, you might probably ask me “when is the right time to get engaged?” The answer is simple: exactly on the day you feel you are ready.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.