How can we measure true love?
In kilometers, seconds or hours?
Or silent thumping of your heart?
Or voices whispering I love you?
Or, maybe in the warmth of a soul
And eyes watered by tears?
I just want to love
But these words are not serious.
What I mean is that love
Is what we cannot measure,
Only heart will be able to tell
That you are in love with big pleasure.

So, the question is: what are the measures of true love?

What are the measures of true love while dating a Ukrainian woman?

What must a woman have to get true love? What height or weight does she need to have? What bra-size is the ticket to the kingdom of sweets, champagne and desire?

These are quite difficult questions to answer. Feelings are a substance, which is difficult to measure. There is no kindness-o-meter, love-meter or caress-o-meter to understand how much love there is between you, dating a Ukrainian woman, and her, dating you. There is no mega- or nano-love. Sometimes a whole life is not enough to understand and answer to true love, which has neither edge nor limits.
However, the things are different with infatuation. Everything is quite clear with it. Infatuation is a burst of emotions, strong and bright. Have you ever seen a wave, whose curve seems to be frozen? I bet you haven’t, only a photo can create such an effect and preserve this state. And what about real life? Dating a Ukrainian woman you may go through the rise of emotions – infatuation, which then will fall down; a very bright, but, unfortunately, fast-fading feeling, which loses its magic as time passes.

Love, on the other hand is something that fills up the whole space in your heart and there is no chance for anything else to get in. love is a wonderful feeling that lies beyond any strict criteria. It does not submit to any laws, survival instinct, logic, etc. Love has been the reason for the most prominent deeds and crimes for centuries. So, how can you measure love?

Logially, if, dating a Ukrainian woman, you are ready to do anything, literally anything, without any limits or hesitations, this is not love. This could be called obsession, animal attraction, the owner instinct, some crazy delusion, but definitely not true love. We can hardly call what you feel true love if, dating a Ukrainian woman, you are constantly demanding love proofs without giving anything back. Such a feeling is not even close to being love, it is the display of selfishness and narcissism.

Similarly your absolute dedication to your partner and getting nothing back could not be called love too. The best display of true love is, probably, the situation in which self-sacrifice is divided into two, “fifty-fifty”.

However, everything is not that simple. Such a middle ground most likely means sincere affection and true friendship between you two. Therefore, if, dating a Ukrainian woman, you feel pleased to commuicate and you have similar views on life, share interests and beliefs, you are rather friends than lovers.

If a person is truly in love, they are ready to compromise. If you are really in love, you can do a lot of things for your beloved without forgetting about ethical standards and common sense. At the same time, you do not let the overwhelming love to cloud your mind.
As you can see when you are dating a Ukrainian woman, you will probably have diffculties measuring true love as it is a complicated an inexplicable feeling, which can be prompted by your heart, not brain. Still do you think you really need to measure love? Sooner or later you will understand everything without any special indicators.