How can I impress a Ukrainian girl?

Your first date could make you anxious, but there are a couple of things, which enable you to succeed. To be honest, impressing a beautiful Ukrainian woman is not as hard as it seems. We are sure almost every guy can handle it if he knows some basics and tries his best to be a gentleman. Wondering how to get the girl you like and conquer her heart, being impressed by the charming Ukrainian girl? We have already had the answer!

We would like to highlight — the first thing she’ll definitely notice is your appearance. It’s not of particular importance for a lady whether you are wearing designer clothes, nevertheless, looking neat and wearing smart casual is a must. You should wear something that looks more elegant than your average T-shirt or hoodie. You do not necessarily need to put a tight collar shirt or a three-piece suit on if you do not feel quite natural wearing the items, but be sure you look your best.

Don’t forget to bring a nice bouquet of flowers to create a truly romantic mood and to demonstrate your sincere interest. We bet the woman will be extremely grateful. Ukrainians seem to be traditional ladies who greatly appreciate romantic gestures. They don’t think chivalry is old-fashioned. Besides, you should smile and have an attractive attitude. Be welcoming and enthusiastic.

Remember — the number of flowers should be uneven. The bouquet should be put together tastefully. Do you want to fascinate a woman? For your second date, you’d better prepare a surprise or a special gift. Let us remind you: you don’t have to go overboard by giving her a diamond necklace, it could make your date feel very uncomfortable (unless she’s a gold digger twenty years younger with breast reconstruction). A small and symbolic piece of jewelry or perfume is fine. A gift could be something specific from your country, but it should be something nice, not trinkets from a souvenir shop.

What about things you have to say to a girl or, in particular, icebreaker questions to ask? Your aim is to make the lady talk, use the ones that start with “why” and “what do you think.” Give her thoughtful compliments to praise her personal qualities instead of the general statements about superficial things.

Searching for the 20 sweetest questions to ask a Ukrainian girl on your first date? Here they are!

What is your idea of fun?

What is your favorite activity outdoors or indoors?

How do you relax or unwind during weekends and working days?

Where do you feel most relaxed?

What is one activity you’ve always wanted to try?

What do you do for a living?

Do you enjoy your job?

Why did you become interested in your position?

What is your dream job?

What makes you laugh?

What is your passion in life?

What were you keen on as a kid?

How do your friends describe you in a word?

Do you enjoy traveling, if so what are the places you have traveled to?

What would your perfect vacation look like?

Do you have a favorite quote, saying, or motto? If so, what is it?

Who has influenced you the most in your life? Why?

Who do you admire?

What is that one feature you want in your life partner?

What is an interesting fact about you that is unique to you?