If you are in search for your love, you might wonder where and how to find it. To help you with this, we are ready to share a couple of ideas on how to get a Ukrainian girlfriend.

In fact, there are three ways to get a Ukrainian girlfriend

  • The first one is via the Internet
  • the second way is to address a matchmaking agency for help
  • the third way, actually, is to come to Ukraine and get acquainted with a woman you will like.

The easiest way of these three is to find a Ukrainian girlfriend on the Internet. Why? That is because you will use some kind of a dating site, meaning that both you and the girl are in search for a love partner. So, when you find the profile you like, start communication. Despite being active, girls prefer men to make the first step in relationship, so you will have to initiate a conversation.

You could make a good beginning asking her something about her hobbies, interests, expectations from a partner. ( use the information in her profile to help you). Compliment any detail of her profile or a picture that you liked. The main idea is to start a conversation.

Using a matchmaking agency’s help, you must first define what kind of girl you would like to meet: her age, appearance, character, interests, etc. When you get the list of possible candidates, you will have to choose the ones you would like to meet in person and go on a date with them. During the date you will have to be active and do the same things as if it was an Internet conversation described above.

If you want to come to Ukraine and find yourself a Ukrainian girlfriend without any help or special devices, you will have to use some creativity to start communication with the girl you will like. You know, Ukrainian women are quite sociable, many of them speak English very well, so you might have no problems communicating.

When you have finally started communication with a girl, it is very important to be self confident. What to talk about? Any topic will do. However, it is vital that every word you say sound sincere and reliant. If you liked the girl, you must know as much as possible about her. So do not sit and wait till she notices you, take the bull by the horns. Be easy and confident, show interest in the girl’s opinion, ask her a few questions about her interests. You could immediately find topics for discussion.

Larry King, an American TV journalist and a master of a dialogue, states that the best question for the most situations is «why?» The answer to it cannot be short, it could create some pause, but it will help to establish better rapport with the interlocutor. For example, the girl says she wants to move to another city or does not like being alone. You MUST find out why!

Finally, if you want to impress a girl and get yourself a Ukrainian girlfriend, just be yourself and be sincere no matter what you say or do. Do not try to be better, than you are. Use your sense of humor and remember that all women like compliments. Even if you are feeling shy, admit it – most of the girls will appreciate it.

Let us summarize and make a quick guide of tips to get a Ukrainian girlfriend:

  • look good in any situation;
  • be self-confident;
  • make compliments, though not learnt beforehand. Praise something you really like. Pay attention to details. Girls adore that.
  • use your sense of humor and intelligence;
  • try to surprise the girl. Do something unexpected: recite a romantic poem, sing a song, give her flowers, ask to dance…

The last advise is to always stay a real gentleman and respect the girl in any situation. Then you will have no difficulties in getting a Ukrainian girlfriend or a girl of any other nationality.