In one of our previous articles we have told about how to behave when you are going to meet your girlfriend’s parents. However, your possible future mother-in-law is a very strong “player”, whose support you must win. That is why it is important to know how to charm her mother at first sight.  

You must try to build the relationship with your girl’s mother in a correct way from the very beginning. Having read our article, you will learn what you have to be ready for while having the first meeting with your lady’s mum, how to behave and how to charm her mother. Of course, there are no same mums, but still there are common rules on how to behave with them.

How to prepare to meet your girlfriend’s mother?

  • If you want to charm her mother, preparing for the first meeting, do not get ready to stand an attack. Your girlfriend’s mum will definitely feel that you are tense. Feeling tense, means that you feel guilty for something. “What have you done? Have you hurt my daughter?”  And before you know it,  the irresistible force will have met the immovable object. First of all, you must tune yourself on the positive communication. Your possible mother-in-law is a usual woman and all you have to do is get on her right side.
  • Choosing the clothes for the meeting, do not try to show that you are a very modern man, or that you like being individual. If you like wearing leather jackets and trousers as well as heavy boots, since you ride your motorcycle and that is what your usual style is, leave it for some other time. To charm her mother when she first sees you, put on something classical and make sure that all the buttons are on the right places, there are no stains on the shirt and your shoes are clean. Women are very attentive with such details, and any mother-in-law is not an exception.
  • It is inacceptable to come in hope to charm her mother empty-handed. Buy a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. But first ask your girlfriend if her mother has any preferences, what flowers she likes, whether she eats chocolate, if she has any allergies.
  • Be ready to answer the questions politely and be friendly. Of course, we cannot submit you the list of questions you will be asked, but you will definitely have to speak about your family, leisure, work and plans for the future.

How to behave during the meeting?

  • During the meal do not forget to be a gentleman and make sure that ladies have their plates and glasses filled with food and wine or champagne.
  • Do not pitch in drinking alcohol. Even if you need to be brave.
  • You must compliment on the food your girlfriend’s mother has prepared, but do not even think of comparing her with your mum, even if she is a professional world champion chef. Saying “If only you knew how my mum makes pancakes!” can set your possible mother-in-law against you.
  • Make an unobtrusive compliment to the setting of the flat. Try to notice something special about it, like a big library, a collection of china statues, something that reveals the individuality of the hostess. This will also give you another topic for the discussion apart from talking about your girlfriend.
  • If your mother-in-law has a pet, try to make friends with it. Even if you hate animals, you must do it.
  • Do not try to teach your girlfriend’s mother how to live. Firstly, she has lived more than you and has a wide experience. Secondly, nobody likes to be shown at their incompetence. It will be better to help your girl’s mother understand how to use Skype or make an online payment politely.  

And finally remember that you must love your girlfriend sincerely and with all your heart if you want to charm her mother. Your main task is to prove that her daughter is in good hands and will never be hurt.