How Many Dates Should You Go On Before Sex?

It is very personal when you decide to go to bed with someone. How long to wait before sex and why should you wait to have sex? If you are aiming to have committed relationship, and you don`t date just for sex, it is useful to know the strategy how long you should wait to sleep with someone. Let`s start with the first intercourse, can you learn much about the person? Usually the initial meeting lasts for about 3-4 hours, either male or female shows their best self, am I right? Think about you, what do you usually discuss with a girl and what is your behavior? Does it remind you emotionally the first interview?

Sex in a new relationship is very important. Chemistry sometimes may come faster than feelings. You should develop and build a bond by communication, actions and attention. Give compliments and surprise a girl. Try to find out her personality. Females are more emotional. If she is looking for stable relationship, she will wait until she knows you well enough to be comfortable at your presence. There will come a moment when you both are ready for the next step. Do you want to have a bright experience, which leaves you both excited? Then wait a bit before you start physical interaction. So when should you have sex?

Female and male`s opinions are different on this topic. Some say that 1 meeting is enough, some claim that you should wait until you fall in love or get married. Should you count how many dates until sex happens? It is the 21st century when couples decide what and when they are going to do stuff. It depends what it means in your life. Many couples use a “three-date rule’’. You can discover the personality during three intercourses and get used to the person. On the first one you usually go to the restaurant, finding out some general information, on the second meeting you can already plan some activity together and get acquainted with each other, the third date is more relaxed, you may go to the cinema, get to some cosy place, kiss, touch each other`s hands. You might already feel the chemistry. The next meeting can be already planned at your place. Organize a wine-and-cheese date night, impress your girlfriend by being romantic. If you feel that a girl wants intimacy with you too, you can touch her, kiss and set an intimate mood. So called “Golden rule of Three” is going to be an example. My friend has recently gone on a date with a guy. She liked a gentleman so much, she was calling me so excited already after the first meeting, saying that he is very intelligent, handsome and everything she has been dreaming about. They spent a nice cosy evening in the restaurant talking for hours. A man invited her to the amusement park the next time, it was very exciting and interesting. They kissed a lot on the Ferris wheel, were laughing a lot and having a good time. She called me again sharing emotions, asking when couples usually start having intimate relationships? She had the chemistry with him and didn`t mind intimacy. Probably a gentleman knew something about “three-date rule’’, and after the restaurant he offered her to watch a movie at his place and have a glass of wine, motivating it that it is very cold outside, they cannot walk in the park and he wanted to be tet-a-tet. They spent a romantic evening together, they did watch a movie and after had intimacy. But it is just one story of a thousands, some couples wait more than a month, some wait until they fall in love with each other, some don`t hesitate too much. Depends on what result you want to get from the process.

Be witty and funny. By making her laugh, you will create an atmosphere where she is more open. It lightens the mood, so before you slip between the sheets, build chemistry by making her laugh with you, not at you.

Couples sex for the first time needs extra preparation. Make sure you have strong emotional connection and a level of comfort. These are the main ingredients. Think about it as a way to connect with your partner on a deeper level. In general intimacy means knowing someone better, feel safe sharing your thoughts, secrets. It requires time though. Create cosy atmosphere for you both to be at ease. A place itself plays an important role, it sets the mood. Keep it clean and fresh. Get some pleasant music to intensify the mood, you may even place some aroma candles which provoke physical desire. You must start with your appearance, always smell nice and dress sexy. Act confident and give compliments on her looks too. To turn a girl one start with a foreplay and give it some time, enjoying it as an appetizer before the main course. A foreplay is a great way to enhance your emotional intimacy. You might start with hair playing, admiring a necklace or earrings, hug intensely and kiss. Make a woman feel wanted, she will reward you after. Don`t overthink about how you look during physical intimacy, it is time to relax and get pleasure from the process. Don`t focus on the culmination too, the first physical interaction is just a way to feel the person`s desires and preferences, find out erogenous zones, enjoy the process itself.