To answer this question let us get a sense what relationship between a man and a woman means. To help us do it let us make the following comparison. I am sure that you have a lot of acquaintances and friends among whom you have one best friend. You greet your acquaintances when you see them, or can even talk to them about something. However friends are people who you see regularly. In their company you feel comfortable, cosy and free. But you have only one friend who you trust. You open your heart to him and he will be the first person you will want to share your happiness with.

The same thing is with the relationship between a man and a woman. You can get acquainted and go to the cinema or have a couple of dates in a relationship with any woman, but when  it comes to serious relationship, you need a special person. So when you find her, you definitely want to spend with her as much time as possible. And here the question arises: how many dates in a relationship do you need to be able to say that you are in a serious relationship with a woman?

Of course, one date is not enough for both you and your lady to say that you are in relationships. One date is actually enough for both of you to decide whether you were right or wrong when you asked her out. One date will give you only general opinion of your woman.

If you decide to have the second and third date, you make the next step to relationships. During these dates in a relationship you get to know each other better and can even learn about each other something that you will not like. Still if you decide that you can close your eyes on it because generally your woman is what you have been searching for, you will make the next step to relationships.

If your fire is still burning and you want to see each other after the third date, that is surely the beginning of the relationship. If you have a strong need in seeing each other, talking to each other and sharing all your news, impressions and feelings, that is definitely what may be called a serious relationship.

However, you must be able to build the relationship. Only dating each other is not enough. You must always remember that your communication with a woman must bring you both happiness, joy and satisfaction. Your relationship must be easy going. That is why if, for some reason, your dates in a relationship do not make you feel comfortable and your communication brings you more disappointments rather than happy moments, think if it is worth continuing such relationship.

So, you can have a lot of women to go on a date a couple of times, enjoy a performance in the theatre or watch an interesting film in the cinema, but when it comes to serious relationship you need  the woman you feel you can trust and want to share both happy and sad moments. And if you date such a woman, you can say you are in a serious relationship even after the first date. But if you have had five dates in a relationship and your woman is more like an acquaintance to you, this can hardly be called a relationship. Your real partner, the one you have relationship with is your best friend, the only one and really the best, since serious relationship is more than just having a walk together and your date could be the person you will connect your life with. That is why you should start serious relationship only with the woman, who, as you feel, is your better half. In that case you will not need more than a couple of dates in a relationship to understand that you are in a real relationship.