Nowadays there is a popular trend of dividing people into several categories according to the “Theory of generations”, meaning that nowadays the population of the world mainly consists of Baby boomers, X generation, Y generation or Millennials and generation Z or Centennials.

The question is: will you, being a representative of this or that group, have a different approach to relationship? Sure, you will.

Looking at modern couples, we can notice that many of them consist of people born between 1980 and 2000, meaning that they are the representatives of millennials. Therefore, we offer to look closer at them and see what tendencies the relationship between them have and how millennials date today.

Having grown up in the atmosphere of opportunities, including the opportunity to find a potential love partner online, millennials have a wide choice of candidates who they can reach immediately by sending a text message or making a video call. Therefore, many psychologists say that people of this generation want to have everything immediately and do not tend to have long-term relationship. According to them, these are the main trends in the way millennials date today.

  1. What if I find a better candidate? The people of generation Y are often paralyzed when they have to make a choice. In the epoch of information technologies, they can look for a suitable partner with the help of various dating platforms, applications and sites. Such a big range of potential matches leads to a so-called paradox of choice: the number of opportunities paralyzes people and they start feeling anxiety and fear that they will make a mistake by choosing the wrong person. So, even when millennials date today, they try to make sure their partner is the ONE whenever possible.    
  2. Does marriage make sense? People aged 20 – 30 do not want to have serious relationship. At this stage of life, their priorities are education, career, travelling and getting new emotions, impressions and experiences. Some millennials find their life-partner when they have already found their way in life, almost reached the top of the career ladder and have a stable source of income.

It is quite normal that when millennials date today they can have a baby without getting married and almost nobody will judge them for it. Some millennials do not see any sense in a marriage certificate, which is very likely to make things more difficult. Others depreciate marriage because they have grown up in an unhappy family or have witnessed their parents divorce.  

  1. What does her message mean? Millennials often communicate with the help of text messages, which by no means can replace the real-life communication. Numerous attempts to understand what tone and intentions the love-partner wanted to express in this or that message analyzing only the words and the punctuation end up in disappointment, or, even worse, in a quarrel. Many millennials wind themselves up into a frenzy trying to make up the best reply to the partner’s message, which takes up lots of their time and energy, rather than just at least call and talk.
  2. I do not want to be financially dependent from my partner. When millennials date today, they try to make financial things clear from the very beginning of their relationship, not to mention if they are planning to get married. Very often money becomes the instrument of control and power, which is undesirable in relationship. Millennials do not want to be controlled and condemned, as well as depend financially from someone else.  
  3. My partner has got to grow up sometime. Very often ladies-millennials complain that their boyfriends prefer hanging out with their friends and playing computer games, while women themselves want serious relationship. This makes the woman think whether her partner will ever grow up and make a good husband for her and if there is sense in maintaining relationship with him. Of course, many girls hope that their partner will change soon and their relationship will became his priority, but at the same time, they think that it is better to stop wasting time on such a man.