If you have decided to visit any country, the first thing you usually do is counting. You need to know how much your flight will cost, what the price of accommodation is, how much you will pay for the excursions and everyday purchases. So, if you are going to travel to Ukraine, you might find our article interesting.

To begin with, when you travel to Ukraine keep in mind that we have our own currency, which is called «hryvnia». When you come, you will have to exchange your money. The average exchange rate to the most widespread currencies is as follows:

1 US dollar ($) costs about 27 hryvnias;

1 euro (€) is about 32 hryvnias;

1 British pound (£) is about 35 hryvnias.

There are currency exchange offices in the airports as well as around any city, so you will not have any difficulties.

How much money you will need to travel to Ukraine

The flight.

Being in the center of Europe Ukraine is not such a far place to get to. Therefore, the plane tickets will cost you between 300 euros and 500 euros. Again, everything depends on where you are travelling from.

The accommodation.

The price for the accommodation usually differs depending on which class accommodation you want to have.

The big cities have a variety of hotels and apartments to offer:

– high-class luxury hotels. The cost of the accommodation there will be about 5000 hryvnias per night

– standard hotels. The cost of the room in them will be on average between 1000 to 3000 hryvnias per night.

– hostels. If you want to stay in one of these, you will pay 100 to 500 hryvnias per night.

– private accommodation from 1000 hryvnias and above per night.

Remember, when you travel to Ukraine, book a place to stay beforehand not to get into trouble or overpay for «quick» on-the-spot bookings.

The excursions and transportation.

Well, frankly speaking, like in any other country, there is a wide variety of tours, you can go on. The price of each tour is different. It usually depends on how far you want to go and which equipment you will need for that. A standard day tour around the city may cost you about 300 hryvnias. You will be accompanied by a guide and learn some interesting information, of course.

If you do not want to take a tour, but want to explore the city by yourself, you might visit different places of interest like museums, churches, cathedrals, etc. The admission cost will be on average not higher than 100 hryvnias for adults and half the price for children.

You can also use public transport or taxi for moving around. In the big cities like Kharkov and Kiev there is metro, trolleybus and tram lines, buses, route buses. The price for every kind of transport differs in every city. But usually whatever public way to move around you will choose will cost between 5 and 10 hryvnias. The minimum fare for a taxi will start with 35 hryvnias.


Speaking of food, the most important thing is not to get lost in the variety of delicacies you will see when you travel to Ukraine. There are a lot of restaurants serving Ukrainian traditional cuisine. These ones are usually not expensive. An average bill for a lunch or dinner will be about 250 hryvnias per person. The restaurants with national cuisine from other countries are a bit more expensive. Having meals in them will be about 350 hryvnias.

If you are a fan of fast food restaurants, you will definitely be happy to find MC Donald’s as well as many other places like it to treat yourself to something. The usual bill here will be about 100 hryvnias per person.


Big cities have different ways to entertain their citizens as well as tourists. Going to the cinema you will pay not more than 150 hryvnias depending on the class of the cinema theatre. A visit to the theater will be from 100 and above depending on the performance and the actors. Having a ride on one of the rides in Luna-parks or entertainment parks will be about 30 – 50 hryvnias per person. A usual price for a disco party starts with 100 hryvnias and more depending on the program or the DJ. Very often girls have free entrance or cocktails.

So… the question is: how much money do you need when you travel to Ukraine. Let me suppose that I am an average tourist. I have paid for my flight. And here we start counting our money per day:

accommodation in a hotel – 1000 hryvnias (about 35 euros),

meals in restaurants – 600 hryvnias (about 20 euros),

excursions, entertainment – 500-600 hryvnias (about 20 euros),

transportation (public transport and taxi) – 300 hryvnias (about 10 euros),

souvenirs etc. – 300 hryvnias ( about 10 euros).

All in all we get 95 euros per person per day. But keep in mind that I am a tourist, who is quite wealthy.

HOWEVER, an average Ukrainian spends not more than 1000 hryvnias per day on the same things, which is about 35 euros. And you, my dear tourist can do the same when you travel to Ukraine.