Money talk but nobody wants to be loved for the money. That`s why it is important to spend the right amount of money on your girlfriend and in the right time.  In the beginning of relationship, it is not necessarily to show off with your money and try “to buy” a lady with expensive gifts to win her attention. Of course, you can impress your lady with a nice bouquet or take her to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Or you can order an exclusive bottle of wine to show your generosity. Every girl will appreciate such romantic courtship.

How much to spend on your Ukrainian girlfriend?

There is no need to do the expensive gifts to a woman in the beginning of relationship. Listening will be the best gift. Try to impress her with your personality, with your kindness and attention to the lady. Be a gentleman, say compliments, be positive and smiley to make a good impression.

One of my friends was very disappointed when a woman asked him to send her money after spending only two dates with him. They met during his business trip to Lithuania. They liked each other from the first sight. He took her to a nice restaurant for dinner, presented her a lovely bouquet and started to sell himself. He was showing the lady pictures of his fancy house and two extremely expensive cars. He started to boast about the latest model of his phone. On the second day, he took her to a shopping mall and offered to buy a nice dress. The icing on the cake was that he gave her money and asked to buy a present for her mother. When he came back to England, they kept communicating online until she asked him to support her every month with money. He provoked her on that step. He tried to buy her instead of open up his soul and show his personality first.

When you are in international relationship, it will be good to know about customs and traditions of the country of your partner.

If you have a Ukrainian girlfriend, you should know what she expects from you to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Don`t expect from Ukrainian girlfriend to pay on a date. Don`t expect her to share a bill either. It`s not common for Ukrainian culture. Men pay for women on a date always. It`s kind of insulting for Ukrainian men if a lady asks to share or pay a bill. Ukrainian girlfriend will pay for a new beautiful dress what she will buy specially for the date with you. She will pay for the service of hairdresser, makeup and manicure masters. Ukrainian girlfriend wants to look perfect for the dates and she will put many efforts on it.
  • If you invite Ukrainian girlfriend to visit you in your country, don`t expect her to pay for the tickets. She will bring you many presents and souvenirs for sure but she will expect the man who invites her to buy the tickets. You also should understand difference between your salaries. Some Ukrainian people just can`t allow travelling abroad.

It`s a fact that women don’t like greedy men. That`s why it is very important to spoil your Ukrainian girlfriend time to time and show your generosity.

She will pay you back with her unconditional love, support and care.