How Much You Will Spend on Meeting a Ukrainian Girl?

I am sure you have heard more than once it’s hard to put a price tag on love, and might even agree with it. If you ask any girl from Ukraine, she will admit this feeling usually refers to something that money can’t buy. However, it is interesting to calculate how much a date can cost, especially if you are planning one outside of your own country. Being an important part of any relationship, the first meeting with your possible destiny has to be well-prepared. However, before coming straight to “entertainment”, let us discuss the serious part.

To begin with, having decided to marry a Ukrainian girl, you must understand you are bound to make some investments. First, to find her, I mean you might need to pay for using some dating sites, or, definitely, if you choose to work with a professional matchmaking agency, you also have to invest in your future. The price is different depending on the service, so this is going to be the number X, which might change according to your own request.

The second figure you should keep in mind while preparing to meet a pretty Ukrainian girl is the cost of the flight tickets to our country. These expenses are absolutely different and YOU are the only one who knows how much you will need to spend on your trip.

Without a doubt, you are thinking of dating a nice Ukrainian girl. Still, to give you a more or less exact answer to how much you have to spend on her in order to fill with positive emotions, let’s agree on some criteria. Our candidate has to be a usual lady, who does not need a weekend in Paris and 1001 roses in a bouquet. It could be enough if you go out about 2 times a week. Let’s say on a weekday and Saturday. Of course, if both of you wish to do it more often, nobody minds.

So, dating a Ukrainian girl, you need about 2000 hryvnias per day. (1 USD is 27 UAH – it is the present-day currency exchange rate). Naturally, it is without expensive gifts and mega-surprises. And the “2000 hryvnias” did not come out of thin air. This is the average amount of possible costs. And flexible: it depends on what you choose for a meeting. Here’s the list, my friend. (Important: the prices are given in UAH)

500 – a walk in the park with a ride on the attractions. Not relevant in cold weather, but automatically becomes free. However, be ready to buy warming drinks “to go”, each one costs around UAH 50-70.
200-250 – eat three balls of a branded ice cream each and drink a cup of tea.
300 – taste a piece of cake in a cafe with tea. Probably with the tips.
500 – cinema with popcorn. If it is the premiere show, then add another 100 UAH.
700 – a visit to the theater in the back rows.
1000 – a hefty portion of rolls for two with drinks (in case you and your single Ukrainian girl like Japanese cuisine).
500-700 – the cost of an hour of a bowling lane. Danger – the game accelerates the appetite, so the lady will also have to be fed.
1200 – an average dinner in a decent cafe for two.
2000 – an average dinner for two in a restaurant (without alcohol). It is worth remembering that in such restaurants alcohol, which one would be ashamed to offer to a bum, costs 600 UAH at the very least.
3000 – a visit to a nightclub. + 500 and above UAH with drinks in the club.
10000 – a prearranged flight by plane. Do not forget you need to get to the place of departure, which could cost 200 and above UAH.
400– a joint visit to the pool. Do you understand it is already a scenario of the tenth date, and not of the first one?
700 – it’s the average cost of tickets for two adults when someone comes with an exhibition.

In warmer months, you could go to the river or the outskirts of the city to enjoy the beauty of nature. But you should take your picnic provisions with you. A suitable basket now may contain products whose price is not less than 1000 hryvnias.

So, it turns out that whatever one may say, you will have to invest money. And even if you wonder how to date a Ukrainian girl who has more money than you can wrap your brain around, be sure she’ll force you to “pay” in order to show your attitude towards her and financial stability.

Valeria Matskevich with Love