It is not a secret that the New Year and Christmas are considered to be family holidays around the world. It is a usual thing, especially for Ukrainian people to distribute responsibilities for the family members: the husband buys the Christmas tree, the wife prepares food for the festive table and the children help the mother and wait for their presents.

However, our clients are single ladies, who have not found their men yet. They are just on their way to their happiness and it was very interesting for us to learn how they celebrate Christmas. We have conducted a survey and here are five main ways our single ladies have chosen to celebrate Christmas and New Year and make these nights the ones to remember.

Oksana. I really like these holidays and I do not think I will want to celebrate Christmas and the New Year alone. I think the best way is to meet my friends, but… Before that, I am going to make myself a present. I will definitely decorate my house as if I was going to organize a grand party. I will have a Christmas tree, like the one I had in the childhood. I will also go to a beauty salon and buy myself a wonderful dress. I will also cook something tasty and drink a glass of champagne watching my favorite movies. And when time comes, I will call myself a taxi and go to visit my friends. Oh, I will surely make a couple of Skype calls and send lots of messages to my friends and relatives who I will not be able to see on the festive evening.

Anna. As for me, the New Year and Christmas are the holidays which I connect with staying at home under a warm blanket, drinking hot chocolate and watching some films like “Home alone”. This year I am one of single ladies and I am not going anywhere since my friends have booked themselves holidays somewhere outside Ukraine. The only thing I think I will do is visit my parents in the evening and come back home by twelve o’clock. If you ask me whether I will feel lonely or not, I will tell you that sometimes it is good to stay on your own and relax on your comfortable sofa looking at the snow falling outside. Oh, and if, which is very unlikely, I will get bored and want communication, I will take a bottle of champagne and go to the central square of our city, where I will find myself a huge Christmas tree and a good company of people celebrating the New Year there. New Year night and Christmas night are magical. They do not let anyone stay lonely and sad.

Elena. I am not going to celebrate Christmas and the New Year at home. I have already arranged to go to a nightclub with my friends, who are single ladies too. We have already chosen a good place with a very interesting program to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. So, we will dance, take part in different contests or activities prepared for the visitors, drink champagne and have a lot of fun, of course. Oh, and I will definitely make a wish to find my ONE when the clock strikes twelve. I do hope that this year will make my dream come true.

Olga. How i’m planning to celebrate Christmas and the New Year? Believe it or not, but I will celebrate celebrate New Year on the train. It happened so, that this year I have planned to visit a friend of mine in another city. Unfortunately, I have to work till late on 31 December, so I had to agree to buy myself a train ticket and see the New Year on the way to Kiev. And you know what? I am sure it will be an unforgettable night. I have a feeling that I will meet some interesting people and will have what to remember for a long time.

Svetlana. Actually, I have to tell you that I am a home person and planning to to celebrate Christmas and the New Year at home with my family. However, since I do not have a husband or children, I have decided to make myself a present and go to a warm place to celebrate Christmas  there. It seems to me that it will be very unusual because this will be the first time I will swim in the ocean and sunbathe instead of getting cold in the snow.

As you can see, our single ladies have found themselves the best way to to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. We cannot help saying that all of the girls questioned said that they would visit their parents before going anywhere, since family is very important. And of course, all of them are hoping to find their better half in the following year. And what about you?