Matchmaker is a new prestigious profession nowadays. In the movies matchmakers` characters are shown as extremely beautiful ladies in the perfect fitted outfits and the expensive shoes what are an essential attribute of the image. They work in the very modern and fashionable offices, which are located in the city centers usually. They drink coffee during the working day and Champagne in the evenings. These are common stereotypes how people imagine employees working in the matchmaking field.

The reality is quite different. A good matchmaker have to have many characteristics and skills. In fact this person has to be born with the skill to match people. It`s a skill you either have it or you don`t. How says Janis Spindel “You definitely need to be intuitive for being matchmaker”.

Good matchmaker is always a good listener. She can spend hours listening about your love experience and life stories, your doubts and your fears. A good matchmaker is a good therapist as well. She doesn`t only listen but gives you the practical advice. She can see people from the inside, she knows exactly what you need and how to help you.         

A good matchmaker is a good example regardless to single or in a relationship she is. She always has a positive attitude. She looks and feels like balanced and shiny person. A good matchmaker knows exactly how to feel happy every single day.

A good matchmaker believes that “there`s a lid to every pot”. Everyone deserves to be happy regardless to appearance, age or nationality. If a client has enormous requirements, a good matchmaker will refuse you in providing the service in case you`re not going to change your mind. She will not promise to match a 70ty years old man to 20ty something years old lady.

A good matchmaker matches only singles to singles. She doesn`t work with the clients who are in the middle of divorce or separated. Clients of a good matchmaker are marriage oriented people.

A good matchmaker doesn`t judge clients` preferences and clients` way of life. Instead she is a good therapist who wants to help you and provides invaluable guidance through the matchmaking process. She is clients` life coach who supports them and shows the right direction during the whole process.

A good matchmaker never stops developing. She attends various seminars, master classes and trainings. A good matchmaker is a participant of famous worldwide alliances and takes international awards. Pay attention if you can see the winning attributes on the office wall or on a site of matchmaking agency you are going to work with. A good matchmaker works for result and celebrates success.               

 A good matchmaker is a public person, social butterfly, everyone she talks to is a job prospect for her. She has a keen eye.

The happily married couples are the best award for a good matchmaker.  

I wish everyone who is looking for love to be in hands of professional intuitive matchmaker. There would be more happy people and more love on the planet.