Let us imagine the situation. Two married people are sitting in one room. He looks at her and asks: “What has happened to us? We do not laugh and talk any more. We used to have so much fun together”. She just looks at him and says nothing. Unfortunately, this is how many marriages nowadays end. Then the question arises «Is it possible to have a long and happy marriage?» We may need a lot of time to find this out. What should you do, if you do not feel comfortable with your spouse, you keep on quarreling, you think there is no way for you to stay together, but you cannot just leave. Do you feel you are not happy in marriage but do not want to leave your spouse? Let us try to find out how to save your marriage and not to face such a problem any more.

As for me, the first and biggest problem is when people look at other married couples and start thinking that they have better relationships. Here in Ukraine, there is even a saying “The neighbor’s house is always better”. We tend to think that other people have better things than we do – a better car, a better house, a better wife… and think that they do nothing to be happy in their marriage. But in reality most of them make big efforts to save their relationships. So  here is a short guide to a happy marriage for those who want to take their happiness in their hands.

First of all, you must remember that there are no ideal marriages, even the happiest couples have problems, but what saves such couples is the idea of unity . They do not have «you» and «me». They think of themselves as «we». And that is the first key to success. If you remember this and follow our advice, you are very likely to be a happily married man.

Tip 1. Do not try to change your wife, try to change yourself.

If you do not like some habits your wife has, do not ever try to change her. You had dated your wife before you married her and at that time nothing irritated you… right? Or if there was something you did not like, you just tried not to notice it, or put up with it. You have chosen her with all her good and bad qualities, so if you have any problems handling them, try to change your attitude to whatever drawbacks she has. And in response to this, by some miracle, she will start changing herself.

Tip 2. Make compromise.

You might have heard this thousands times, but, believe me, if you find the way to compromise, your better half will appreciate that and will try to find the solution to the problem you have, which will satisfy both of you.

Tip 3. Understand and trust each other.

If you are constantly jealous and wait for your spouse to be attentive only to you, you will definitely spoil your nerves and relationships. Trust is what you must show to your wife. Leave her some space, but make sure she understands that you CARE, and she will never do anything to hurt your feelings.
Tip 4. Give support and help to your wife.

Whatever happens, be there for her. Give her a good piece of advice if she does not know what to do. If you already have children, such behaviour will be the best example for them, which they will follow throughout their lives. What could be better?

Well, in my opinion these are the main keys to be happy in marriage, although, if you think a bit, you can come up with many more great ideas to keep a healthy family. But most important is to remember that you, yourself, are the key, you are the reason why this or that happens, and it is you who has to change something. If you feel that you love your wife, nothing will separate you and you will overcome any difficulties together.