I want to start this article with a short story about honesty, which you will probably like.

Two men are talking:

  • You know, – one says, – I am seeing five women simultaneously, but I am tired and want to choose just one of them. I do not know how to do it.
  • Try to be honest with them all, – says his friend.
  • What do you mean?
  • Well, feel free and tell each of the women everything about the rest.
  • But how will it help?
  • Try it, and you will see.

The two men met in half a year.  

  • So. How is it going? Have you followed my advice?
  • Yes. It is good advice. When I became sincere, two of my women refused to date me. Whatever… I did not care. Three women decided to continue our relationships.  This is when the most interesting part started. Very soon I found out that I could not be equally honest with all of them. I could tell one everything; the second heard only half of the truth, while it was impossible for me to even think of telling at least a small part of the truth to the third woman.  At the same time I could tell everything about one of them, and could not say a word about the other. It all finished with me understanding that I can tell anything to one of the three women, while I do not want to tell anyone about her.
  • And this is the woman who is with you now. Right?
  • That’s right. I wonder why such an easy way works so well.
  • It works because sincerity is the indicator of feelings. It makes people, who are not meant to be with you, disappear from your life. If I cannot be honest with a person, I part with them. And I feel affection towards the people, who make me want to keep them a secret and not to tell anyone about them.

As we can see, honesty makes the base not only for friendship or business, but also for other types of relationship people have, including love relationship too. It happens so, that any lies become revealed sooner or later and hurt people, who the liar tried not hurt by hiding the truth.  That is why we can say that it is important to be honest, especially with your woman. Telling the truth to each other, people who have a love relationship, can think of getting married without hesitation, since marriage is not possible without honesty and trust to each other.

However, if you decide to be honest with your woman, remember that it can be a trial both for her and for you. After the truth has been revealed, both partners have to continue loving each other as it was before. Not every couple can go through this, though, but if you manage to be head over hills in love after the lies have been “unmasked”, you can be sure that you are meant to be together.

So, how can a man be honest with his woman without being harsh? Is there any point in opening your soul?

It is up to you to decide whether to tell the truth to your woman or not, but remember that any mystery becomes known. And it will happen exactly, when nobody is waiting…

If it happens, it will be late to do anything. Your beloved will learn that you have been lying to her and will definitely make a row, which may finish even with your breaking up, since there are people who cannot stand any lies.

You may hope for mercy, but you must know how to wisely get it. First of all, you must not say anything like “I am sure you are hiding something from me too”. If you do that, you can make your woman think that there are more of lies, you are trying to hide by attacking her.

Do not even think of stretch your story in a fit of temper to hurt your partner more, as it is not easy to revive the lost trust, especially if you tell only a part of truth, making yourself a monster.

If you do want to be honest with your woman, think of having a day of truth with her. On this day both of you must be as honest as possible with each other as well as ready to accept something you might not like. To make your day of truth less intense, have a romantic dinner on the eve. Having no secrets from each other, you will soon understand that honesty is the best policy.