It`s a totally normal desire to look more attractive to an opposite gender. For women there are so many procedures created, clothes and tricks how to improve the appearance and to look more attractive. But what men should do to look more attractive to women. Beauty field for men is not far behind but do women attracted to handsome men or more to features of men? What is more important for women? Let`s ask ladies what they think of handsome men.

Natalia: Telling the truth I try to keep myself far away from the handsome and cute guys which pay a lot of attention to the appearance and labels. I don`t like to notice interested looks of other women on my man. It`s unnecessary experience for me. He should take care of his personal hygiene, this is certain, but not to run every week to the beautician to correct his eyebrows. What I find really attractive and sexy is when man has a big dog.

Marina: I`m attracted to the good-looking men usually and this is my problem. Most of the times I`m hurt by them but I can`t help it. I love with my eyes and again and again I choose a man who has a cute face, snow-white smile, who is pretty tall and wears fashion outfits. Very often I find myself less important to him than his appointment to the hairdresser but it`s my choice, maybe my priorities will be changed with ages but for now I enjoy my short lasted relationships with handsome guys.

Tanya: I don`t pay attention to the man appearance at all. The main and important things to me are how he treats me, how he takes care of me, if he is kind to me and to people, if he is able to love. I love attention, a lot of attention if to be precise. Such a little thing for someone but a very huge for me is if he puts his mobile phone on a table during the date or not.

Olga: Oh let me think what makes men more attractive to women My first thought is his voice… yes it`s exactly what attracts me the most. Man sexy voice is the reason of goose bumps on my body. As well I appreciate romance and if a man gives me this, his appearance doesn`t matter at all to me. If he appears with a bouquet on a date, it will definitely melt my heart.

Alina: Usually I`m attracted to the sportive guys which lead a healthy lifestyle. I find men with the scars very attractive. If he plays guitar and loves to cook I will fall in love with him immediately. I understand that I ask for a lot but can I dream for a little bit, can`t I?

I will try to write a conclusion according to the ladies answers. How to be more attractive to a woman:

  • take care of your personal hygiene;
  • be romantic;
  • work out;
  • walk your dog;
  • have cooking skills;
  • have scars;
  • play guitar;
  • be romantic;
  • speak with a sexy voice;
  • don`t answer the phone during a date;
  • bring flowers on a date.

As you see we have got a very strange and funny list of characteristics that make men more attractive to women. It`s not a guidance, not at all. I just wanted to show you that there are no specific features which every woman will love.

Love is unpredictable. You can be attracted to a person with the specific features but fall in love with the one total opposite. There`s nothing that you can do about it. Be yourself, be open-minded and use every opportunity to know better a person you meet on your way. There are no random people, we meet them for a purpose.

Try to be more attractive to yourself and you definitely will look more attractive to women.