This article is a small step to a big future for those men, who want to be romantic with their women. How to do it? What does a romantic girl wait from her man? To tell you this I have looked deep inside myself and here is what I have found out.

It has been more than once that I wanted a young man, no matter what our relationship is, to act differently in this or that situation. It has also happened that I was irritated by a man’s behavior. Doesn’t he understand how to do this or that? Hasn’t he asked himself the question “What does this woman want? Does she want me to be romantic?” at least because of sheer interest? I, being the face of many girls in this article, am a very romantic woman, who is waiting for crazy actions from a man. It sometimes seems to me, that if men read romantic novels, they would understand what it is like to be romantic, no matter how banal it may seem.

Believe me I am not waiting for the ocean of presents (which could be good too, though) or for you to throw your jacket on the puddle so that I could walk on it. In my opinion, it is silly. However, I am absolutely sure, that every action that a man makes must be done with lots of tenderness and affection.

I do not want a man to give me everything at once, but I would like our affair to be as romantic as possible; with lots of passion, devotion, feelings, romance, but it has to be natural at the same time. I do not want to be a fairy-tale princess, who will be shocked to see the real life when the first “passion” fades away.  I am sure that many women will agree with me.

If you want to be romantic with your woman, think of unexpected, tender, romantic kisses, which are very nice. For example, your woman is telling something, or you are having a discussion, and at the moment of her most bright idea, you touch her temple with your lips… She will get lost in her feelings immediately. Then gently touch her earlobe and she will forget about everything.

Another thing pleasant for me is when a man touches my waist, no matter where we are: in the cinema, theatre, just walking, going in a car or in the metro, even at home. Even if I am thinking about my work, or doing some task, such a touch makes me go mad and excited instantly.  And this is what I would advise every man to do first of all. It will make your girl think that you are very tender and affectionate.

However, there are some things you have to keep in mind not to scare your woman away. Say “no” to staring and gazing at the girl. She will definitely notice this and she may have a wrong impression of you: foul mouth, impudent fool, brusque, etc. Moreover, if you continue staring at her décolleté, the girl will feel uncomfortable, which you must not let happen. She may think that there is something wrong with her or she may even get an inferiority complex, thinking that hear breast is too small or too big, etc. That is why you must NEVER stare at a woman.

If you do want to look at her, use the following method: cast a light, unconstrained glance at her as if evaluating her exactly when she has looked at you. Such a look will be enough for her to feel attractive and womanly. What happens next depends on your personal experience…

If you want to be romantic, think of a piquant greeting, I mean a gentle touch of your lips to the back of her palm. But it must not be a kiss! It has to be a touch. Then let your look move from her wrist to her eyes and let her hand go. The whole action must take a couple of seconds, but the girl may find it very pleasant and sexy.

Believe me, it is just the top of the iceberg of what you can do to make your lady understand that you are romantic. The main helper for you will be your heart and true feelings that will hint you how to behave with HER.